Social Responsibility – Solwit

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key element of Solwit’s strategy. It is also the way we work and the determinant for the decisions we make. It is also a key component of our business DNA, described by the slogan:


  • INNOVATION is understood as an action towards getting better. In everything we do today, we try to be better than what we were yesterday. This applies to our organization, but above all to the level and substantive quality of our offer, which must meet the needs of each of our clients better and better.
  • RESPONSIBILITY is a filter through which we evaluate our ideas and action plans. We are fair and reliable. We act ethically and in accordance with the principles of sustainability. We want to contribute to the well-being of societies and to the development and success of our stakeholders, and organizations in our environment.
  • CHANGE is an open and creative approach to development challenges for us. We are ready to undermine the status quo and constantly leave the comfort zone – provided that this change is responsible and related to better performance.

We responsibly build Solwit’s community, in the belief that the technology produced in such culture makes positive impact on the world and life, business and global economy.




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