Backup copies and data recovery

Minimize the risk regarding access to critical systems and data. We provide cloud backup solutions, help with backup storage and data recovery

If you have not transitioned to the cloud yet, regardless of how you store and protect your data, we will find, build, and adjust a better and more suitable solution for you.

You will optimize the cost of your infrastructure management by means of virtual environments created on the per-need basis. You pay only for the virtual data storage space you actually need for your resources. We approach every project thoroughly – from the analysis, through the implementation, to maintenance and technical support.

Data backup copies

Assure business continuity by means of safe and durable environments and backup copies. Minimize the risk regarding access to critical systems and data. Advantages of cloud backups solutions:
  • unlimited capacity,
  • partnership based low prices, charged on the GB/moth basis,
  • encrypt data at transfer and storage,
  • 99.999999999% of data durability.

Disaster recovery setups

The events that may lead to breaks in your services are often unpredictable. Your network can experience a failure, your application may include a critical bug, or a natural disaster may strike. When things fall apart it is crucial to have a solid, focused, and well-tested Disaster Data Recovery Plan. Thanks to such a plan you can rest assured that no catastrophe will significantly impact your business and its financial stability. Online backup storage and recovery services help businesses minimize the impact of data loss. We care about your security.

We create backup data copies in Google Cloud Storage and AWS S3

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We work with key providers of cloud platforms.

In complex data analysis we use advanced data warehouses.

What our clients say

Thanks to many years of experience in software development, the specialists from Solwit provided us with high-quality software, expanding our proprietary STSPay system and automating the payout process. Solwit has experience in implementing big data and big query solutions. With their help, we managed to introduce our Datalake, allowing us to speed up transaction processing without compromising any of our security systems. Thanks to this step, our data warehouse gives us the possibility to cater our offer to our clients in a much more efficient way. We used Solwit's support, which resulted in implementing in STSPay new cloud services - a system of immediate payouts for our winners. Thanks to its scalability, we are now able to efficiently serve users even in peak-traffic moments. It was one of the most well-organized Agile project we have had in STS with an outside developer.

Wojciech Sznapka Chief Technology Officer,
STS Gaming Group

FarmaProm has reached out to Solwit for professional expertise and support in implementing big data technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery functionalities. Co-operation between a FarmaProm specialist and dedicated Solwit specialists has been a valuable partnership beneficial for both parties.

Krzysztof Bronowski Finance Director
FarmaProm Polska Sp. z o.o.

Thanks to Solwit's support and experience in the field of cloud and transaction systems, the time for STSPay to process payouts was reduced threefold. This was made possible through automation of the involved business processes by means of PaaS and IaaS services, integrating online banking services. In the future, if we plan further automation of our services, we will certainly ask Solwit for new and equally effective solutions to match the ever-changing business environment.

Dawid Prysak CFO
STS Gaming Group

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