Solwit develops and tests IT solutions and provides software-related services for clients in various industries.

Solwit was founded in 2011, but its founders built their managing experience by leading global and Polish IT companies for almost 25 years. For this reason, we like to say that we are an 8-year-old company with 25 years of experience – we combine the characteristics of young company (such as flexibility, freshness, and creativity) with a maturity and business culture, characterized by large, well-organized, and successful global companies.

The Solwit community creates responsibly, with the belief that technology developed in such environment, can positively change the world and life, business, and global economy.

See more on our culture and system of work in key company policies.

Our experience is based upon the services we provide for global and Polish companies of various brands, such as:

  • global producers of silicon & computing platforms
  • global providers of automotive technology solutions
  • global vendors of telco equipment
  • digital education solution providers
  • waste management companies
  • field services and financial services providers
UiPath Silver Partner

Google Cloud Platform Partner

Solwit is the partner of Google in the realm of solutions based on Google Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Solwit is ISTQB Platinum Partner

As the ISTQB® Platinum Partner, we employ over 20 testing engineers certified at the Advanced level and over 70 - at the Foundation level.

Microchip Authorized Design Partner

Amazon Web Services Partner

Solwit is official parter of Amazon Web Services



Solwit’s mission is to build lasting value for our Clients, Shareholders and Employees. We will accomplish this through a creative use of digital technologies in solving problems of modern society and businesses.


Rational management of resources, with a broad concern for the balance of the natural environment while satisfying the growing economic needs is an essential element in shaping the present for the future. One of the most effective ways of achieving this will be an increasingly wider use of modern, scalable and secure technology. Solwit strives to become a recognized provider of solutions for many industries, who are guided by the principle of sustainable development.

Customer Orientation

We strive to know our Clients and their needs, be preferred business partner to them, make it easy to work with us, clearly communicate our intents and expectations, always propose the best solutions.

Result Orientation

We strive to focus on the output of our and team?s activity, assume responsibility, constructively confront and solve problems, explore different perspectives.


We strive to set the highest standards of quality and excellence in all our ventures from the very beginning, cultivate the good design, relentlessly develop our expertise, take pride in our work.

Risk Taking

In our ventures we strive to be innovative and think out of the box, challenge the status quo, build environment and atmosphere to enable informed risk taking, learn from our successes and mistakes.


We strive to know ourselves and our capabilities well, honestly and openly express our opinions, promote and recognize openness of communication and activities, not to look for excuses when we don?t see solutions, build on the best practices and go beyond, making sure the Intellectual Property is respected.


We strive to listen to and respect diverse viewpoints in the team, clearly communicate and get to the point, support the team goals, be supportive and friendly for our Clients, Colleagues and Partners, deliver fair feedback.

Agility and Discipline

We strive to respond to change with agility, act and deliver professionally, make and meet commitments, pay attention to details, we prefer simple and effective solutions.

Respect for Competition

We strive to know our competitive environment well, make sure our products and services are competitive. We win with pride.

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