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Projects portfolio

Heart failure therapy

We’ve supported our client in the customised software development of intelligent pacemaker control solution to optimise cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) during the treatment of heart failure, using innovative biomarker measurement. The client’s patented technology identifies the underlying cause of dyssynchronous heart failure in order to apply the optimal treatment for the patient.

The app identifies patients by a biomarker, which provides diagnostic, preventive and prognostic information. This allows the physician to gather all patients for a particular treatment and make recommendations. This breakthrough method works well for patients with heart failure or atrial fibrillation, who use the pacemaker.

Our role was to develop automated unit, integration and regression tests, using the Catch2 C++ testing framework, and also UI tests, using the Squish testing platform. We also increased the code test coverage from 15% to 90%, measured with Bullseye, Gcovr and VectorCAST. Also code refactoring and code quality improvement was performed. Applied technologies: C++, Qt and OpenSceneGraph application.

Custom web application for managing operation of industrial 3D printers

We designed and developed a fully functional web application to prepare and parameterise jobs sent to 3D printers and to manage these printers over local network. The application is fully compatible with the embedded software of the printer.

We recommended optimal technologies for the existing and future systems and applications that the client continues to use in daily work. The client brought a 3D printer management application to the market without delay, gaining a competitive advantage. The client actively participated in regular project team meetings, and changes were implemented on ongoing basis.

Custom mobile application for managing an electric bicycle

A mobile application designed and developed at Solwit is used to manage a smart electric bicycle. It allows creating user support profiles depending on the age and experience of the rider. The biker selects a riding profile and the app controls the electric motor in the bike.

The app:

  • collects data on the distance and battery charge status
  • has the ability to notify of theft attempts or tipping over,
  • it notifies when a service assistance is necessary,
  • it provides route calculation and navigation.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Google tools (BI Engine and Data Studio) generate reports accessible via a web browser. The app communicates with the bike's motor with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which ensures economical energy consumption of the mobile device. The bike is added to the app by scanning an NFC or QR code via the mobile device.

An online platform that allows easy finding and sourcing plants

SquareRoot is a Norwegian startup that aims to increase the availability of green spaces in urban areas. One of the solutions is rooftop gardens, which mitigate climate change and support biodiversity. SquareRoot wants to bring landscape architects together to share knowledge and good practices for creating green spaces on city maps.

To achieve this goal, we created a digital platform – a web application that makes it easy for architects to find and source plants that are suitable for the places where they would be planted.

The client required from the partner a fast start, flexible approach, and full transparency in the project work. We invited the client to daily meetings with the custom software development team. We also gave them access to all information regarding the work and progress of the project. We completed the task on time and within the agreed budget. Applied technologies: Angular, .NET, AWS

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Remote control for mobile phones

We created an IoT device for real-time remote control of smartphones.

We designed the system architecture for the entire solution, and delivered the hardware and firmware for the prototype (Proof of Concept).

Research and development (R&D) were carrieed out on ultra-low power consumption for the entire solution, including optimisation of the connection between the device and the smartphone, with power consumption and usability in mind, optimisation of power consumption of the microcontroller, and other components of the embedded system. We also performed tests on the code, functionality and energy consumption. In future, the device will be equipped with the recommended ambient energy harvesting functions (energy harvesting).

Custom application for physiotherapists

This app was designed for a rehabilitation clinic. It monitors changes in the patient’s posture, during and after therapy. The main purpose of the app is to reflect the patient’s posture and range of movement before treatment is applied, and to monitor changes during and after the therapy. It is a diagnostic tool that therapists use to find a link between a symptom and the cause of a health problem.

e-Courier - an application for a hospital warehouse

Custom IT system we have developed represents a significant improvement in the hospital’s logistics processes. e-Courier allows the use for:

  • create new orders,
  • track statuses,
  • access statistics,
  • receive and confirm delivery by courier,
  • scan of employee IDs and LDAP authentication,
  • print barcodes to mark shipments,
    determine the likely location of a lost shipment

Smart goggles - code auditing and refactoring and embedded software testing

A US startup developed an innovative swimming goggle concept, deserving being named SMART due to latest technologies being applied. As the deadline for the product launch was approaching, the client needed support of embedded systems experts with expertise in testing, development (custom mobile app programming), UX and back-end.

Solwit provided comprehensive service including:

  • audit and refactoring of the code and creation of new functionalities,
  • documentation of the main functionalities with basic UML diagrams,
  • introduction of a unit testing (UT) framework,
  • Python scripts to analyse results and batch files for testing, on the PC/Server side,
  • rebuilt of several modules and interfaces in the firmware (C language), in order to properly test the solution in the product.

In result, firmware development work had been arranged, and processes were set to speed up software testing. An audit identified deficiencies in selected areas of the firmware and its development process. This provided the client with accurate information on the necessary changes, which significantly accelerated the work on the product launch.

Children's interactive toy prototype and MVP of a mobile app

Our client was on the lookout for a partner to develop the world’s first interactive children’s toy that would play the role of a companion for little ones while entertaining and teaching healthy habits with AI (artificial intelligence) support.

Since it was meant to be an innovative product, the client was keen on completing an MVP (minimum viable product) first, in order to be able to make business-sound decisions on the product’s direction and sales in the US market. In addition, the product in its basic version was intended to help attract investors and first-time buyers.

After three months of collaboration, we delivered a preliminary design of functionality for a remote configuration module via Bluetooth (BT) and BLE. We also carried out an initial safety analysis and made security proposals for the embedded system.

The toy was equipped with software delivered by our engineers in C language and shell scripts, running on the embedded system. As a result, the pairing of the toy with the parent’s phone could already be implemented in a secure manner, mitigating the risk of cyber-attacks and unauthorized persons taking control of the toy. A complete test plan for our part of the solution was also provided to the client.

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How do we work?

Edwin Dudziak, CEO, Solwena S.A.​
The Percee system created by Solwit’s team is now implemented in 25 public buildings. It allows to remotely control the temperature inside, ventilation, air conditioning. A team of engineers was responsible for the development and testing of the software and the selection of IoT components. Solwit still supports us in the development and maintenance of the system. Each change request is carried out on time and with the highest expected quality.​
Marcin Krzywulski, Board Member, Macrix Technology Group
Macrix Technology Group is happy to say that since 2017 Solwit has been our partner in realizing development services in the field of .NET / C# technologies. Since the beginning of our co-operation, Solwit's developers have been driven by the goal of achieving the highest standards of product quality. The team deserves praise for its ability to create in close co-operation with our internal team an advanced solution for collecting and processing signals in real time, which required much commitment and technical expertise. It is worth mentioning that the whole project was carried out remotely.
Przemysław Wołoszyk, Development Director, Voestalpine SIGNALING Sopot Sp. z o.o.
Solwit was responsible for developing a part of embedded software for our system in accordance with railway industry regulations and assuring the software quality in an automated testing environment. Today, the UniAC(2) system is being implemented by railway operators all over the world, providing them with the certified security level for rail transportation. Currently, Solwit takes part in the process of maintaining and developing the system as a regular partner of Voestalpine SIGNALING, at the same time providing constant support in adjusting the solution to the requirements of particular target markets.
Joanna Nowak, Head of the Medical Supply Department, UCK
We asked Solwit for their support in creating a system that would meet our needs and improve the parcel flow process. Solwit provided us with technologies that will allow us to adapt the system to our emerging requirements or processes in the future, as well as to scale it depending on our needs. In addition, the UI design, graphic, and interface development for our application, both in the mobile and web version, were on Solwit’s side. The Solwit team presented great commitment and the advanced skills needed to implement the project. They perfectly identified our business needs and indicated key stages of the process, which needed to be taken care of in particular during the project. The team also prepared complete project documentation. The work results during the following stages were delivered on time.
Artur Dyro, Learnetic
Solwit had huge experience in working with the biggest companies.We wanted to reach blobal market quickly. For me as a CEO it is a great comfort not to worry about all the tech stuff. It is crucial to have in business someone you can rely on.
Piotr Mikulski, Head of R&D, Bibus Menos Sp. z o.o.
We were looking for a partner who could create dedicated software for management of 3D printers machines park. The Solwit team professionally fulfilled all our expectations by creating smart, highly modular software which is compatible with our own embedded software. We also appreciate communication level and professionalism of the project team.

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