Software development

Design and improve your applications.

Our technologies, services and competences

Web application development

We develop web applications and services using the most popular and effective frameworks. We provide you with the full range of competences with our business analysts, UX/UI specialists, architects, programmers, testers, DevOps, and admins. We can design the app, develop, but also maintain your product and make sure it keeps working exactly as you expect it to.

Backend Development

We have done a lot of projects and we know how to make scalable, stable, and efficient products. During web applications development, we take advantage of cloud environments, databases, and external services to meet your and your client’s expectations.

Mobile apps development

We develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android using well-tested technologies and best software production practices. Most of the time we build things from the ground up, but we also help in existing projects through developing mobile apps and also maintaining, and supporting them.

UI/UX Design

Nowadays, every application needs to meet certain standards when it goes to the user interface. We know all about it. Web app development is not only code work and software development, but also application design. We take care of the visual aspects and usability of the product to meet the users’ requirements.

Research & Discovery

Our experience shows that coming up with an idea of a project does not necessarily mean having a clear concept of it. Proper  software development management is essential. That is why we provide our clients with intensive workshops resulting in a well-organized and precise image of the planned undertaking. Our software development services include cooperation with specialists from various areas of product development process. For a day or two our business analysts, UX/UI specialists, and architects learn about the clients’ expectations, determine the primary goals, and devise a clear-cut strategy for realizing the project.

Consulting and Code Auditing

We enjoy sharing our experience in custom software product development (creating and optimizing software), therefore, we audit our clients’ solutions regarding security, quality, and usability. We approach the job as thoroughly as possible, which is why specialists from all of our competence centers are engaged in the process.

What our clients say

Macrix Technology Group is happy to say that since 2017 Solwit has been our partner in realizing development services in the field of .NET / C# technologies. Since the beginning of our co-operation, Solwit's developers have been driven by the goal of achieving the highest standards of product quality. The team deserves praise for its ability to create in close co-operation with our internal team an advanced solution for collecting and processing signals in real time, which required much commitment and technical expertise. It is worth mentioning that the whole project was carried out remotely.

Marcin Krzywulski Board Member,
Macrix Technology Group

Voestalpine SIGNALING Sopot

Solwit was responsible for developing a part of embedded software for our system in accordance with railway industry regulations and assuring the software quality in an automated testing environment. Today, the UniAC(2) system is being implemented by railway operators all over the world, providing them with the certified security level for rail transportation. Currently, Solwit takes part in the process of maintaining and developing the system as a regular partner of Voestalpine SIGNALING, at the same time providing constant support in adjusting the solution to the requirements of particular target markets.

Przemysław Wołoszyk Development Director,
Voestalpine SIGNALING Sopot Sp. z o.o.

We asked Solwit for their support in creating a system that would meet our needs and improve the parcel flow process. Solwit provided us with technologies that will allow us to adapt the system to our emerging requirements or processes in the future, as well as to scale it depending on our needs. In addition, the UI design, graphic, and interface development for our application, both in the mobile and web version, were on Solwit’s side. The Solwit team presented great commitment and the advanced skills needed to implement the project. They perfectly identified our business needs and indicated key stages of the process, which needed to be taken care of in particular during the project. The team also prepared complete project documentation. The work results during the following stages were delivered on time.

Joanna Nowak Head of the Medical Supply Department,
The University Clinical Center in Gdansk

We were looking for a partner who could create dedicated software for management of 3D printers machines park. The Solwit team professionally fulfilled all our expectations by creating smart, highly modular software which is compatible with our own embedded software. We also appreciate communication level and professionalism of the project team.

Piotr Mikulski Head of R&D,
Bibus Menos Sp. z o.o.

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Talk to one of our experts. Tell us about what you are currently facing in the field of software development, testing or cloud services. We will find the best solution for you.

How do we work?


You tell us what you are looking for and our analysts prepare a concept of a dedicated solution. Custom software is always tailored to your needs.


From a wide spectrum of solutions, based on our experience, we choose those that fit your needs most closely and are suitable for custom software development.


Our architects and developers work, and thanks to the agile management you know what happens in your project at all times.


We check if what you are getting meets your requirements and provides a good basis for future software development. You also get fully completed CI/CD environment.


You release your product and we are left with the satisfaction of having contributed to your project.


We are at your side, if you want to expand further or adjust the product to the ever-changing client requirements.

Our project standards

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design means that websites automatically adjust their content to the devices used to display it.


Designing architecture of a solution we focus on optimizing its efficiency and resource usage to make it well adjusted to high work loads.
Each of our projects is consulted with our architects, as we treat every project individually and do not leave anything to chance.
We have experience in developing both on-premise and cloud applications, and we are Google and Microsoft partners.

Software development environment

We produce our projects using industry standard tools and field-tested methodologies:

Quality Control

A well planned and organized test environment is key in developing a high-quality product. Every project includes both automated and manual testing phases.

Implementation and Maintenance

Implementing the product often proves to be the most important part of a project. That is why we never leave our clients alone with such things – depending on the project we provide them with expertise, support, maintenance, and possibly further development, based on a variety of SLA options.

Good Practices

Apart from typical development standards, such as tool sets, environments, and quality control, we follow our own set of rules and practices, which we keep on improving.

  • code of conduct,
  • code review,
  • pair programming.

Ethics and Partnership

Technical knowledge is very important. But it means little without the right values and approach towards the client. We consider fairness and honesty indispensable to any successful co-operation, be it between us and the clients, or within our company. We conduct our projects in a transparent way – you have access to all of the products and information within the project at all times.

Our Partners

Models of co-operation


We agree to a certain budget, time, and work span, and take the whole project upon ourselves. In this case we typically start with preparing a project analysis and setting the success criteria. The results of our work are presented to you on a regular basis during our meetings.


The driving force behind this solution is the fact that we focus on the business results coming from the project regardless of the initial assumptions. This way we can combine two different approaches – we perform the analysis but treat it rather as a guideline instead of the ultimate goal. In this case you can influence the shape and form of the ongoing project.


We account for the time spent on realizing your project, based on rates agreed to prior to the software development projects launch. In this case you can freely adjust the speed and cost of the project on-the-fly.

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