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VQC Industry - visual quality control

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" - Peter Drucker

VQC Industry is a tool for visual inspection of finished goods, providing real-time analytics that allows:

  • reducing the waste
    of overproduction
  • meeting contractual
  • predictions
    and early reacting
    to quality issues

Our system is a successful alternative to human-eye visual inspection
offering superior accuracy 24/7

How does it work?

Statistical Process Control Charts available on-demand from any location

Deep Neural Networks as a superior alternative to human visual inspection

Aggregations and analytics for multiple lines and locations in one place

Data Security&Safety

Gathered metrics are encrypted in storage and transit – available to authorised users only. Our stations are protected using the latest security standards through hardware encryption. Very high durability is provided leveraging cloud storage services.

Edge AI

We process unstructured visual data using AI accelerating processors for high accuracy and low power consumption. No active cooling means the lower risk of a failure. Deep Neural Networks, with their high tolerance for environmental changes, offer implementations beyond the reach of the legacy computer vision algorithms.

OT Isolation

Our station processes data on the edge and can be installed with no access to your OT system acting as an independent data source. Although, on-demand we can provide control signals through Modbus RTU.

Production Line Upgrade

Our system is easy to install and requires little maintenance. It requires a standard power outlet and an internet connection.

What does the system implementation look like?

preliminary feasibility study

We analyse your production process, verify areas to improve or optimise, and estimate potential savings the system implementation will bring.

investment profitability study

You receive the project outline drafting the effect of the implementation on your production process.

Full feasibility study

We build a proof-of-concept neural network model based on image/product samples. We define deployment KPI’s that translate to your business value.


We install the VQC Station and configure all data processing services. Installation does not interfere with production processes and has little impact on production line layout.


We support you throughout the solution’s implementation and usage.


Extend the solution to other lines and locations.

Possible usecases

Why VQC Industry

Inspection 24/7

  • provides complete analytical insights to the quality of your final goods within minutes of inspection with every item inspected which avoids statistical errors.

Real-time signaling

  • signalling defects in real-time allows for the elimination of unfit goods from production or excluding them from shipment to your customers.

High accuracy day&night

  • does not get tired nor distracted, works all year long with minimal maintenance.

Innovation on route to Industry 4.0

  • enables automation of the last phase of the production process by implementing sorting for finished goods. It can be also used as a new source of information on the production process in total isolation from the OT systems.

Statistical Control Process

  • generates digital control process cards that help to detect anomalies in the production process,
  • accurate data on goods quality helps to minimise overproduction – one of the seven sources of waste in the LEAN production process.

Book the audit of your quality control process for the waste reduction and implementation of an automated product verification system.

During the 2-hour online workshop our experts will analyze the effectiveness of the currently used quality control procedures and tools and verify the possibilities of optimization by implementing solutions based on AI and continuous quality analysis 24/7.

You will get an analysis that indicate the areas for possible optimization and the potential effects, both in terms of production and monetization KPIs:

  • loss reduction value,
  • return on investment,
  • staff cost optimization, etc.

We will show how the implementation of VQC Industry enables automatic and continuous data collection and how this type of data can be used further, e.g. in the form of analytical dashboards.

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