Product Design Sprint

Get answers to key business questions faster. Make your digital product launch more successful with the design sprint methodology.

We provide product design and development services. Our dedicated development team builds web and mobile applications with focus on your objectives.

Do you want to know if the idea of the product will be succesfull at the market?

Do you want to improve the quality of your existing digital product?

Do you want to develop your product with us and test it's new features?

With Product Design Sprint you will do it faster.
Faster Time to Market means quicker profit for you.

What is the true benefit of using Product Design Sprint in your project?

Product Design Sprint effectively speeds up your product launch, regardless of the product's development stage.

You can use the product design process for any kind of product.

We adjust the sprint agenda to your project, so that after the workshop you get exactly what was established as objectives, at the start of our cooperation.

You will gather project members with different objectives around one idea and everyone will have equal understanding of the issue. This will benefit the quality of the product.

What is product design development?

Your new product in 4 quick sprints.




  • interviews with project’s leaders,
  • exploration of the idea and business environment,
  • Customer Journey Map creation,
  • developing criteria for selecting project leaders.




  • workshops,
  • choosing the right path to achieve the goal,
  • assumptions for the prototype,
  • User Testing,
  • designing the process for finding testing users.
We determine and try to understand the idea / product at hand. We diagnose potential risks and problems you may face during the product implementation phase. Now we analyze, we focus on solutions later.
We create solutions. We sketch initial ideas intended to show you the options of solving the chosen problems.
As a team, we choose one concept to work on later in the process. To make the right choice, each team member explores different ideas. The ideas are later discussed in group, so that everybody can actively participate in the process.
We prepare a prototype without the participation of your design team.
We check whether the previously chosen idea makes sense after the prototype implementation. It is also the time to prepare documentation, which you receive as conclusions from the intensive Product Design Sprint week.




  • summary of the workshops,
  • prototype polishing,
  • prototype testing,
  • recruiting prototype testers.




  • presentation of effects,
  • proper preparation of the prototype for testing.

What can you expect from the workshop? Explore sample exercises.


We will work out a simple path to achieve the goals of your project. You will identify the most important stakeholders. You will identify key moments that may decide of the failure or success of the product. You will manage the risk better and define the process of your project implementation.


8 minutes and a sheet of paper divided into 8 parts. Each participant has one minute to draw something in their piece which quickly generates 7 different versions of a given solution. No time is wasted by overthinking and premature discussion. As a result we have multiple ideas we can considered in the next stages of the workshop.


Each sprint participant prepares a list of ideas for products or services that, in their opinion, should be discussed at the workshop. During a 3-minute presentation, the ideas are presented in such a way as to convince the rest of the group to accept them. This exercise broadens the horizons of the entire PDS group and helps to create new solutions for the problem.

Create your digital product faster than the competition, with a clear implementation plan.

The result of our cooperation will be

A detailed report summarizing the results of the workshops.

A list of potential problems on the way to product implementation with a solution proposal.

A prototype of several user stories, for future testing purposes.

A project map for MVP creation.

A predefined list of tasks with a proposal of proven tools for their implementation.

How have other leaders used Product Design Sprint?

A company producing pumps and sprayers

Employees had an idea for a new type of factory pump used on the production line. However, they first wanted to determine the business risk of introducing such a product to the market, its profitability, and the time needed to complete the project. The Management decided to use the Product Design Sprint method to assess the project's chances.

Thanks to the workshop the team of engineers working on the project understood its limitations and designed a prototype allowing the product to be tested. This way, specific questions were posed before the start of the project and the right answers were found in advance.

American coffee company

After the first round of funding, a company selling coffee in cafes decided to open an online store. The management had succeeded in gathering a strong client base for the stationary stores, yet were not sure how to use their experience in the field of e-commerce.

All key employees were involved in a product design sprint - starting with a programmer chosen to build the website and ending with the operations director and the company owner.

The team successfully completed the sprint goals and the online store proved to be a huge success.