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Digital transformation

The cloud means agility and adaptability

both of which a business needs to gain advantage over the competition.

Digitize your documents, automate processes, make informed and strategic decisions, and manage your budget effectively.

Reduce the time for adaptation and leave your competition behind using an agile and flexible IT architecture.



Order a three day workshop with our experts. You will learn:

  • why it is so beneficial to move your business to the cloud;
  • how to solve your clients’ problems by means of cloud services;
  • how cloud infrastructure and component management works;
  • which parts of your company would benefit most from the start.

This knowledge will show you that your company is ready to utilize the potential of the cloud technology.

Moreover, we can prepare for you a set of cloud solutions dedicated to your company’s needs which will give you the full view of how beneficial it would be for your particular business to utilize cloud.

Build change into your architecture

It is not uncommon that lacking infrastructure and architecture hinder dynamics and expansion of a company. We are aware that adaptation and readiness for change are absolutely crucial elements of survival in the field of IT. That is why we:

  • reduce the reaction time to client requests,
  • build and introduce Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery processes,
  • realize partial implementations (A/B, split traffic)
  • set up testing and developing environments in a matter of minutes

Begin locally, develop globally

If you want to pay only for the resources you really need and don’t want to invest in infrastructure, cloud solutions combined with the right application architecture are right there for you.

Create a private network spanning the whole world,
guarantee lightning-fast access to your applications thanks to edge servers, serve clients from all over the world.

Begin locally and enter the global market in a matter of few seconds. 

DevOps and hosting operations

Choose a stable and scalable environment managed by experienced and certified DevOps engineers and get:

  • fuller infrastructure utilization and flexibility due to resources provided on the per-need basis,
  • improved software quality due to automated tests,
  • easier infrastructure management,
  • high system availability backed by monitored SLA.
    Increased team productivity and lower costs due to life-cycle automation, standardization, and programmers’ self-sufficiency.

In addition, you can use our experience in testing and validating software.


efficient business analysis

Migrate the historical and the current data to a cloud data repository. Analyze it and make informed decisions on the fly. Generate reports allowing you to make quick decisions to manage your business and its budget efficiently.

business process automation

Your workers spend time performing repetitive tasks.  Your workers spend time performing repetitive tasks. Automating those tasks will open up more time for business development tasks. You will get faster when:

  • we digitize your paperwork,
  • you get to know the tools for processing digital documents, such as AODocs,
  • we transcribe your voice recordings, save it as text in real time and analyze the effects,
  • we automate your financial transactions using Robotic Process Automation.



Assure business continuity by means of safe and persistent environments and backup copies. Minimize the risk regarding access to critical systems and data. You will optimize the cost of your infrastructure management through virtual environments created as needed.

You pay only for the virtual storage space you actually need for your resources. We approach every project thoroughly – from the analysis, through the implementation, to maintenance and technical support.

Cloud benefits


Cloud computing enables you to reduce your time-to market. Release your products faster and outrun your competitors.


Strict security standards, authentication, and encryption make the cloud the most secure place to store your data.


The cloud provides the highest availability rate and allows secure access to your data anytime from any place and device.


Cloud computing enables you to scale your services on demand in the blink of an eye, and to reach any number of customers all over the world.


In the cloud, you pay only for what you use. Reduce your IT operations effort and increase results.


With the cloud, you are always ready for change and able to react immediately to events in the dynamic IT and business environment.