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Effective business analysis


Migrate the historical and the current data to a cloud data repository. Analyze it and make informed decisions on the fly. With business intelligence solutions and comprehensive reports we provide you with the ability to make the right decisions and manage your business and its budget efficiently.


Use business analytic solutions to transform raw data into clear information.

The Data Lake repository and the BigQuery data warehouse powered by Google, combined with business intelligence tools, will allow you to create dedicated reports. Well-visualized and structured data will become information and help you make quick business decisions.

AI&ML solutions

Gather information on your company and its clients. Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make quick predictions regarding development and finances of your business.

Migrate the historical and current data to a Google Cloud - BigQuery data warehouse.

Analyze it and make informed decisions on the fly if:

  • you have immense amounts of data;
  • you lack the resources to process it;
  • you store a lot of data on analog media;
  • you want to improve your business efficiency.


Make good decisions thanks to up-to-date analytic data.

You can analyze vast amounts of data quickly and remotely thanks to technologies based on BigQuery powered by Google.

Boost the process of preparing large sets of data thanks to the Cloud

Sharing and analyzing large amounts of data can

be easier – use an unlimited data lake and reduce the time required to collect data. Improve how your managers cooperate – one source of data, one source of truth.
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Find the right answers quickly thanks to artificial intelligence

We will build the right machine learning models

to predict your clients’ behavior and changes in your business environment, based on the data you provide.
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Integrate different data sources

We will create the right data models, reports, and

dashboards. We will help you gather, analyze, publish, and share your business data clearly. Our solutions work effortlessly with multiple data sources, giving you access to information shared among different tools, saving your time and increasing your efficiency.
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Perform analytics in real time

Instead of restricting your information to the past

events, analyze it thoroughly with the things happening right now. Starting with data from hardware’s built-in sensors and going as far as social media user traffic information – have the real-time analysis at your fingertips and always be prepared to make a quick decision.
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Use remotely

Your access to the company data is not restricted to

one place or device – get it regardless of where you are.
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How can you use the collected information?

Monitoring the product-line profitability.

Predicting market behavior.

Monitoring the wear level.

Producing sales reports on the fly.

Controlling the combined stock of all retail points at the same time.

These are just some of the ways data analysis can benefit a company.

It is important that our analytics can be used in virtually any field
– retail, finance, logistics, industry, or FMCG.

How do we work?

We will collect the data

We will aggregate the data (historical, transactional, and analytical) from digital sources, analog media, and IoT devices. We will help you identify and implement new data sources.

We will move it to the Cloud

We will use the scale and cost efficiency of public cloud computing.

We will aggregate and configure the data

We will process and combine your data to facilitate your decision-making process via on-the-fly analysis.

You will receive the full information

You will get access to a analytics panel powered by BigQuery from Google. We will prepare clear reports, always presenting up-to-date visualizations, so you can make fast and well-informed decisions.

AI&ML solutions as a source of valuable data

Get to know our solutions utilizing intelligent image and sound analysis, so that you can use them as invaluable sources of information. They will compliment the data you receive from existing tools such as production, sales, or customer relations management systems.

Each type of quantitative and qualitative data will be collected, analyzed and then visualized in such a way as to facilitate quick decision making. Discover our solutions that use intelligent image or sound analytics and can be a source of valuable data for you.

Retail Analytics

E-commerce data quality analytics for retail shops. Get to know your customers better and increase your stores’ sales. Automate client path data collection and increase your staff efficiency.


Utilize the solutions for quality control by means of image analysis. Based on artificial intelligence VQC is perfect for production, distribution, and logistics. The VQC system will make your quality and safety indicators rise immediately. It will also facilitate effective equipment monitoring, space measuring, and process automation in your company.


Improve the effectiveness of your call center. Monitor the quality of customer service and increase your sales. We use advanced algorithms and neural networks to transcribe speech. Shifting from human voice to raw data, we are able to thoroughly analyze any situation and find the reasons behind the problems you face while managing your consulting teams.


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