Solwit Group

Solwit.eko Ltd.

Solwit.eko Sp. z o.o. was founded in September 2015.The company goal is development, sales and implementation of ENVIRA - the system for waste stream management. The company employs waste management experts. The president of the board is Wojciech Wasiukiewicz.
SofiaSoft Ltd.

SofiaSoft was set up in 2015. The company sales, implementation and develops SOFIA - the system for field force management. President of the Board: Piotr Pągowski.
Solwena Ltd, the youngest company of Solwit Group, was funded in May 2016

The company designs, develops and implements innovative solutions for energy system reduction. President of the Board: Edwin Dudziak.
Sorpla Ltd. was funded in 2013

Sorpla Ltd. develops innovative technologies for waste management and waste selection processes. The company is set of the specialists of various branches.
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