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Legacy systems integrations

Easily create digital services without being held back by your legacy systems. Prepare to thrive in the digital age.

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of data in mature organizations is currently stored in legacy systems.

Innovation is often slowed down by limitations in the way legacy systems are integrated with their environments. Do not let these barriers block your organization's development.

Create new digital services with OpenLegacy without limitations of your current systems.

What is the true benefit of this solution?



React and respond quicker. Quicker Time-To-Value.


Reduce IT cost significantly in the integration/API.


Do more with less OR the same engagement.


Test & Learn.

No Vendor Lock-Ins

Use deployment agnostic solutions with no proprietary runtime.



Increase delivery capacity and efficiency. APIs from legacy systems in days vs. weeks.


Reduce IT stack, lower Total Cost of Ownership.


Align with both industry and your internal standards.


Align software with DevOps Microservices and Event-Driven architectures.

OpenLegacy is an innovative and simple tool for integrating new digital products with legacy systems or systems with each other.

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faster API creation

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lower cost of a single API

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faster API

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savings per year

You get an API Factory

create API for your main resources easier. You can implement new functionalities up to 10 times faster - in a few days instead of months.

OpenLegacy builds

direct interfaces to the most complex legacy systems, databases and more. Integration created in this way guarantees speed, security and reliability.

*real effects of implementing OpenLegacy at one of the clients

Direct-to-Legacy Connection

Bypass complex, costly technology layers by integrating directly to core systems.

Automatic Code Generation

Generate digital-ready code in minutes, so you rapidly release new digital services while using just a fraction of the manpower.


Deploy on premises and/or in the cloud as microservices or serverless functions.

Check how it works!

Satisfied OpenLegacy's clients' opinions

Within two days, OpenLegace created APIs for standard CBS transactions, including payments and other financial products, comapred to the previous 5-7 weeks using the prior API orchestration product and existing infrastructure.
Executive, Large International Bank
OpenLegacy helps us set the mainframe free, finally. Instead of being a prohibitive factor for new projects, it's now the enabler - witk OpenLegacy generated APIs that connect to any other system in our environment.
Executive, Large International Bank
"The ""wow moment"" for us when working with OpenLegacy came when we exposed a Swagger API with account data from our mainframe. It only took us a few hours with OpenLegacy - it would have taken weeks otherwise"
CIO, Premier International Bank
I was impressed how fast we got everything deployed. In less than month, Fern was able accomplish our objectives through a modern REST API
Jeff Mason, Fern
OpenLegacy let us connect our iSeries applications to our insurance agent portal without changing our COBOL applications, which would have been a huge, expensive headache. We couldn't believe OpenLegacy was able to conform to all of our security, performance, and design constraints - and do so within days.
IT Director, Insurance Company

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