Software testing case studies

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Software testing SIL-4 compliant

Voestalpine – railway solutions engineering company
Scope: software testing to meet the highest railway safety requirement SIL-4. Developing and executing a multi-level test process, including unit tests, code reviews, static code analysis, integration tests, functional tests, and performance tests, as well as preparing documentation and assisting with certification.

Norms and standards: ISO 50128, ISO 50159, CENELEC SIL-3, SIL-4

Validation and verification services for Train Control and Monitoring System according to ISO 50657 and ISO 50128

Railway machinery manufacturer

Scope: providing documentation for the testing team (test procedures and processes)—locomotive control system penetration tests on selected modules for TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) for locomotive control.

Standards and technologies: ISO 50657, ISO 50128, SIL2, V-model, Ladder Logic


Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to Head-up Display (HUD) system tests

Luxury car software supplier
Scope: preparation of tests harness and development of unit tests, integration tests and documentation (traceability, UML, etc.)

Services: functional testing

Introducing cybersecurity to automotive

Luxury car software supplier

Scope: support during the implementation of the cybersecurity process to the project (documentation, analysis, execution, preparation of test harness)

Technologies: security testing


Test automation and manual testing for embedded system

Alarm system for a building solutions provider

Scope: consulting services on test automation, including review of automation framework concepts and feedback, problem-solving (technical aspects of automation), and planning and support of automation activities.

Technologies: Python, C, FreeRTOS

Manual and automated tests for desktop and web apps

Fire and explosion safety consultancy & software provider
Scope: a testing strategy for certain components of the software and development of the quality assurance process.

Technologies: Python, BitBucket, Jenkins, Squish, QT Framework, GIT, MSVC

Functional testing of a native mobile application (Android)

District heating industry client

Scope: our testers managed to conduct detailed functional tests of the application, following the ISTQB standards. Client received full test documentation and a defect list recording all errors that had been reported to the programmers during tests.

Technologies & services: Android, Unity, Xamarin, test specification, test plan, functional testing

Multimedia & entertainment

Performance and exploratory testing of game launch applications

PC Games Publisher

Scope: testing activities based on real-world scenarios. Creating test plans, developing test results, and reporting.

Technologies: AWS Cloud, Ubuntu x64, Apache JMeter, Grafana, InfluxDB

Functional testing, automated regression testing, unit and integration testing

MarTech Solutions Platform

Scope: software development and testing of a marketing campaign management application. Functional testing, automated regression testing, unit and integration testing.

Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Selenium, Cucumber, Gherkin

Framework for automated audio-video connection testing

IP network solutions provider for broadcasting
Scope: to test the system’s constituent GUI, REST backend and network media, the framework we developed supports scenarios lasting minutes or even months. It also allows non-functional metrics collection and analysis.

Technologies: Python, pytest, Ansible, PostgreSQL, REST, Prometheus, Selenium Webdriver 3-4, Selenium GRID, Docker, Jenkins

Exploratory testing of mobile and web applications for interactive music game creator

Scope: testing based on checklists and covering all requirements.

Services: manual testing

Finance & banking

Test automation for the Polish largest bank

Scope: building an ecosystem to automate functional tests of a banking application (web and mobile), automating test execution. Supporting the test-building process.

Tools and technologies: Java, Spring MVC, MySQL, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Docker, Android, Katalon Studio, Groovy/Java, Gerrit, Git

Automated testing strategy and framework for the Polish largest bank

Scope: implemented a test process and test case creation process (along with a reporting and monitoring tool) and created an application test plan for an in-house SME loan application processing application. We developed a framework for automated testing, making it a tool manual testers use.

Technologies: Selenium, Java

Mobile app testing for virtual cash register technology provider

Scope: exploratory testing as well as automation of a mobile application for a virtual cash register and certification preparation.

Technologies: Appium, Java, Python

Migration to microservices and application testing for debt collection company

Scope: as part of the development work, we modernized a monolithic application and moved it to microservices on the Kubernetes platform. We also tested the application in a microservices architecture. We focused on migration, architectural changes, and scalability to ensure system reliability.

Services and technologies: automated testing, Java

Proof of concept for automation testing framework for one of the largest global legal and tax audit consulting firms

Scope: we designed and delivered a proof of concept of the automation testing framework for a digital insurance platform for the US market.

Technologies: Java, Maven, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, IntelliJ.

Automation of application testing for a British bank

Scope: an architecture for an automated test framework based on NodeJS and Playwright in order to test a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM application, used internally by agents of a British bank in order to streamline customer service, onboarding, savings and mortgage management.

Technologies: Playwright, NodeJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, VSCode, Git, JIRA, TestRail.


Automated testing of an intelligent pacemaker control solution

Scope: development of automated unit, integration, regression tests, and UI tests for an intelligent pacemaker control solution. Increasing code test coverage from 15% to 90%, refactoring code, and enhancing quality.

Technologies: C++, Qt, and OpenSceneGraph application.

Coding, designing, and testing techniques and tools for embedded MedTech software

Scope: safety-critical embedded software development and tests for an insulin pump.

Standards and technologies: IEC 62304, C, C++, STM32″

Implementing and testing a new interface for a health monitoring app

Scope: we implemented, tested and a new interface for the Norwegian HealthB app, available on Android and iOS, while also integrating it into Stripe’s payment system.

Technologies: React Native, React Navigation, GraphQL