Transformation into a smart product

Create a smart product that meets the growing expectations of your customers.

A thermostat, a car, and even a modern office building - everything can be smart these days. Smart devices are all of the electronic devices made intelligent with advanced compute - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Control its operation, manage it remotely, gather data and analyze it – keep improving your product and adapting it to its users’ needs.

What will we do to create your smart product?

We provide smart devices solutions that are secure, reliable, and seamless to use

Implementation of IoT solutions

We will provide advanced sensors and correlate them with dedicated software. They will make it possible to remotely control your device and obtain data you will be able to use for advanced business analytics.

Custom software for smart device solutions

Depending on the product, it will be either embedded software, safety-critical software, or classic software such as a mobile or web application.

Gathering real-time data and clear reports

Sensors with an appropriate analytical system will provide a lot of valuable data. Properly structured reports will help you better observe user behavior, detect errors and even predict trends, and you will adapt the product to your customers’ needs more effectively.

Certification of the software

When your business area requires strict adherence to standards, or you want to stand out on the market of similar solutions, take care of certification. This way, you will prove high quality of your product and improve its users’ safety.

We have rich experience in software certification, including the automotive and railway industries. Our customers have been offered the TÜV SÜD certificate.

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