Leszek Pankiewicz

A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Computer Science at the Gdansk University
of Technology.

For several years he has been participating in the development of investment projects in the field of R&D of Information Technology, carried out in Poland by the leading, global technology companies.

When acting as a Director and President in the Polish branches of these companies he actively contributed to the success of investments, formation
of strategic partnerships between Polish and foreign research teams and creating an effective platform for collaboration and communication
in multicultural societies, academic circles and in business.

Professional Career: 1984-1991 Gdansk University of Technology Faculty
of ETI (specialist/engineer/project manager for the underwater-acoustical systems; Assistant at the Department of Acoustics at GUT); 1990-1991: Vers (co-founder, CFO and Director – R&D work in the field of computer networks), 1991-1997: CrossComm-Poland (CFO, CEO, General Manager, employing from 10 to 100 people); 1997-1999: Olicom Poland (President, General Manager, employing from 100 to 120 people); 1999-2010: Intel Technology (President, General Manager, employing from 120 to 520 people). Starting from 2011he is acting as President of Solwit.

Functions performed in advisory bodies: Member of the Board of the Faculty of ETI, member of the Steering Committee of the regional Innovation Strategy of the Pomeranian province, Member of the Panel of experts of the ZPORR (Infrastructure of information society), Member of the team of advisors for the Rector of Gdansk University
of Technology.

Professional interest: start-up investment and VC, global digital transition, academic community and business cooperation (commercialization of the results of the scientific work, protection of intellectual property).

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