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IoT software development

IoT software development services for your business. We create and develop IoT solutions for the automotive, med tech, healthcare, manufacturing and everyday products. Scalable, cyber secure and tailored to the needs of your customers.

38.6 billion

Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices worldwide by 2025 (Statista)

Connect your IoT products to the network, configure and manage them remotely with IoT devices, keep data in the cloud, analyze and make decisions based on transparent reports.

Build your IoT product with us

IoT devices

We will select the dedicated active elements, sensors and power systems. Sensors (battery powered) and actuators drivers as well as concentrators collecting and sending information to the cloud. Full set of IoT device components.

With our proven partner, we will provide not only an advanced IoT design, but also small-loT prototypes of IoT devices. We support you in defining the ISO/EN/ SIL norms and standards that your IoT device should meet. We have our own laboratory and a team of specialists, that guarantee secure and effective work with device prototypes.

IoT embedded software

We create dedicated software for IoT devices, hubs and gateways. Depending on the requirements for computing power, available energy or the presence of specific peripherals, we rely on uC and SoC from the following partners: Michrochip, STMicroelectronic, Espressif or Nordic Semiconductor. Depending on the requirements mentioned above, we rely on Linux Yocto, FreeRTOS, ThreadX or bare-metal.

Safety critical systems

Reliability is essential in automotive, the rail industry and medical devices. We create systems with the highest level of safety. In every IoT software development process we implement security standards. We work with Safety Integrity Level (SIL4) ASIL A. ASIL B and standards: ISO 26262, ISO 21434, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50126, EN 50159.

Mobile and web apps for IoT

A complete team of front and backend developers with experience in software development will code a friendly and intuitive user interface and a fully functional application to manage both the collected data and the IoT device itself.

Cloud solutions

The data generated by your IoT device will be stored, processed, analyzed and monitored in the cloud. We configure, implement and maintain the public cloud architecture of major providers: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Due to the scalability of cloud services, you have the ability to perform an unlimited number of operations on the data obtained from your IoT devices. The solutions we create use the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence on the edge (AI / ML on edge) or energy harvesting.

IoT Cyber Security

With the dynamic development of the IoT market and the rapidly growing number of hacker attacks, the importance of cybersecurity of newly introduced solutions grows. Penetration tests carried out at the end of the project are not enough. If your IoT product is designed to be more resistant to attacks, it must be planned with high-quality security standards from a start. Trust a partner who implemented a secure software development process for the automotive industry.

Projects we took part in:

IoT software testing

If you have a system that was designed to support your IoT device, pass it to our engineers who will conduct thorough tests of your IoT devices and software. Both in terms of functionality and resistance to hacker attacks.

Device testing

  • power consumption
    – while working
    – in peace
    – during speculation
  • security
    – fuzz tests
    – penetration testing
  • performace
    – speed of transmission
    – number of supported sub-modules / subsystems
  • system scalability

Firmware testing

  • functional tests
  • performance tests
  • reliability tests

End-to-End Tests

  • application – device (communication, bluetooth)
  • server – device (all information flow in the network)

HIL type tests (hardware in the loop)

Dedicated for audio content, allows fast and accurate tests of the embedded software on the same hardware that will be used by end users.

HIL is for any sound operated equipment or any kind of audio content, tests audio processing neural networks in 3 various audio inputs with automated reporting.

Effective data analysis

Large amounts of data require well-configured analytics. Thanks to transparent dashboards, you will visualize trends and make business decisions faster, based on real-time data.

Edwin Dudziak, CEO, Solwena S.A.

The Percee system created by Solwit’s team is now implemented in 25 public buildings. It allows to remotely control the temperature inside, ventilation, air conditioning. A team of engineers was responsible for the development and testing of the software and the selection of IoT components. Solwit still supports us in the development and maintenance of the system. Each change request is carried out on time and with the highest expected quality.

IoT solutions for business

  • technologies for healthcare and patients
  • solutions for the industry
  • embedded systems in the automotive industry
  • IoT software for smart products

Why Solwit?

expert technical knowledge
agile project management
scalable solutions
your IP is fully protected
dedicated selection of technology
product certification possibility

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