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IoT software and applications services for your business. We are one of the IoT development companies that architect, create and develop IoT solutions for healthcare, automotive, med tech, manufacturing and everyday products. Scalable, cyber secure and tailored to the needs of your customers.

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38.6 billion
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IoT Hardware architecture

We’ll help you define and design your smart product, advise you may have a System on a Chip (SoC) or you will be needing IoT embedded computer like Raspberry-Pi and BeagleBone board. We’ll take care of firmware development and advise key components of the IoT ecosystem.

IoT Software development services

We’ll develop your IoT application relying on an iterative approach and launch an MVP or a first application version with a lean set of high-priority features within 3-6 months.

IoT Connectivity implementation

Our experienced and highly skilled team of IoT system engineers will add cellular, Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, and other types of secure wireless control and connectivity to your product.

IoT Cloud services

To perform an unlimited number of operations on the data obtained from your smart devices, our certified cloud architects we’ll configure, implement, and maintain the public cloud architecture from major providers (GCP, AWS, Azure).

IoT Data Management & Analytics

Large amounts of data require well-configured analytics. Thanks to transparent dashboards, you will be able to visualize trends and make business decisions faster, based on real-time data.

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How we fitted an everyday use product with IoT solutions

We have had the opportunity
to cooperate in IoT projects entailing:

  • smart swimming goggles,
  • smart toys for children to help them fall asleep,
  • smart dispensers for soap and paper,
  • PLC controllers for automated facility management,
  • Acoustic Event Detection (AED) – sound recognition systems using audio analysis directly on the built-in device (on edge),
  • management system to control e-bike usage.

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IoT software development for automotive and rail

Check out our solutions for the automotive and rail industry:

  • we are distinguished by extensive experience in working on head-up displays at world leaders in the design and production of automotive displays and sensors,
  • we create secure embedded software and conduct high-quality security tests,
  • we perform cybersecurity tests and processes necessary for software development, in accordance with the new ISO 21434 and ISO 26262 (ASIL B) standards, and prepare the documentation necessary to obtain a certificate,
  • We are very familiar with the development and testing of SIL4 software based on .NET technology, used to configure railway systems and systems adapted to SIL4, in accordance with the EN 50128 standard,
  • our team of engineers consists of many years of practice specializing in automotive and railway projects.

IoT software development for audio services

Solwit provides IoT development services for audio components. We build reliable IoT systems to improve efficiency, safety and resilience.

  • we designed a system that detects audio events and acoustic scenes by analyzing audio content in real time,
  • our solution can work as a stand-alone system or be a part of a customer’s solution. Its firmware allows the changing of the utilization of system resources to better fit customer needs,
  • the system can be utilized in a variety of applications, including context-based indexing and retrieval in multimedia databases, unobtrusive monitoring in healthcare, and surveillance,
  • our acoustical engineers develop the technology by using elevated high-quality, real-world data sounds, which gives our solutions the ability to identify and analyze sounds for residential, city, automotive, and factory surroundings environments,
  • we own professional laboratories and server rooms. We will create effective software development and testing in efficient and automated environment that facilitates all stages of the process,
  • based on years of experience in conducting various projects, we have prepared all the necessary processes, procedures, and tools to manage such R&D environments thoroughly.

IoT device development for smart homes

Solwit offers Internet of Things software development services for smart homes:

  • leveraging our strong experience in IoT application development for smart home and green energy market and help companies create versatile telemetry solutions,
  • with experience in creating remotely-managed IoT systems for temperature control, with a real-time data analysis,
  • providing solutions helping gain visibility into the way people use devices, facilities, and spaces and improve the efficiency and safety of smart homes and cities.

IoT software development for healthcare

Solwit offers Internet of Things software development services for the healthcare industry:

  • with the development of safety-critical embedded software for medical devices such as an insulin pump or implantable defibrillator,
  • developing secure embedded software and performing high-quality security tests,
  • providing products that comply with class C requirements as described in the IEC 62304 standard for medical device software,
  • with experts in embedded safety-critical software.

IoT software development for every day use smart devices

Solwit provides IoT software development services for smart products such as swimming googles, toys, hygienic devices.

  • we designed systems that transmit information about usage of the product and send commends to the master unit take specific action e.g.: information about filling level to to people responsible for filling them,
  • we create every stage of building a new product: business analysis, design of the solution, architecture of the processes, software development and tests, cloud services and Big Data analysis in real-time.

IoT development for industrial IoT and industry 4.0

Solwit provides IoT software development services for the Industry 4.0. We build reliable IoT systems to improve efficiency, safety and resilience.

  • using predictive analytics, we ensure timely maintenance and reduce cost on wear and tear. E.g. we created and developed software for 3D printers management,
  • we build IoT data tools and unlock the full potential of the company’s data,
  • our IoT solutions help monitor operations, increase employee’s safety, provide quality control and asset management on the production.

IoT product delivery process

Edwin Dudziak
CEO, Solwena S.A.
he Percee® system, created by the Solwit, completed by our team with automation solutions, is already operating in dozens of facilities in Poland. Its implementation enables sustainable energy management in buildings, as well as reducing its costs by up to 30%.
The system successfully functions in places where energy demand is variable. It is prepared in a way that enables its development and various uses, such as analytics or AI-based management. The implementation of the system requires individual adaptation to the specific requirements of the facility and the needs of customers. In cooperation with the Solwit engineering team, we are able to provide our clients with an innovative, tailor-made solution that turns their facilities into modern SMART buildings.

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