Culture and Policies


Solwit’s mission is to build lasting value for our Clients, Shareholders and Employees. We will accomplish this through the creative use of digital technologies in solving problems of modern society and businesses.


Rational management of resources, with a broad concern for the balance of the natural environment while satisfying the growing economic needs is an essential element in shaping the present for the future. One of the most effective ways of achieving this will be an increasingly wider use of modern, scalable and secure technology. Solwit strives to become a recognized provider of solutions for many industries, who are guided by the principle of sustainable development.


Care for health and safety

We value life and health in the first place – we create a safe workplace for our employees and implement the necessary processes and procedures for the safety of data and information. We support and encourage various types of cooperation to increase comfort and sense of security at work.

Customer Orientation

We strive to know our Clients and their needs. We want to make us easy to work with. We always offer the best solutions.

Result Orientation

We are focused on the results of our operations. We explore different perspectives. We take responsibility for the solution.


We build solutions set to the highest standards of quality and excellence. We relentlessly develop our expertise.

Risk Taking

In our ventures we are innovative and think out of the box. We enable informed risk taking. We learn from the experience of ours and the others – from successes and mistakes.


We honestly and openly express our opinions. We value dialogue and respect for diverse points of view.


We build culture based on cooperation and partnership. We are friendly – we communicate openly and support each other. We are involved in the work of the team and our company initiatives.

Agility and Discipline

We operate professionally. We undertake and keep our commitments. We are flexible in action. We support change.

Respect for Competition

We act ethically. We treat companies in our business environment as partners. We build our market advantage.

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