Embedded systems and Safety-critical software

Embedded systems and Safety-critical software development. We design, develop and test software of the highest security level.

We deliver embedded systems

This is not just embedded software: human life and safety relies on its quality.
That is why field-tested development scheme is applied:


Embedded system that will fit the product and the field of your operations


A model done with the use of base components for your product.


Dedicated, made with quality and dependability in mind.


By all technological means in order to eliminate every potential error.


All in accordance with your industry safety standards.


We provide systems for any industry, and feel especially comfortable in some of them:

Automotive industry systems

Realizing embedded software projects in the field of automotive solutions may be a big challenge. For us it is a business as usual.

When you work with us you can be sure we take care of:

  • ISO standards (ISO 26262),
  • technological stack (AutoSAR),
  • different levels of testing,
  • tools (CANoe, vTest, Diva, Doors, etc.),
  • certification (Automotive SPICE),
  • direct co-operation with OEM.

Railroad industry safety systems

We develop embedded software based on railroad safety systems. We realize, test, and maintain the most challenging projects requiring the highest standard of code quality, testing, project management, and certification – SIL 4. We develop our solutions in accordance with the proper standards – EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50126, EN 50159. We take part in TUV audits and certification procedures.

We work in international teams and we are not affraid of innovative structures and cutting edge electronics. We thrive on combining different technologies, both HW and SW, within one project.

Medical safety-critical software

We know how valuable human life and health are. That is why we produce advanced embedded safety-critical software for medical purposes, e.g. for insulin pumps, according to IEC 62304 standard.

Object detection based on 3D point cloud

Systems using 3D cameras to detect nearby objects moving through the field of view. The systems are capable of measuring specific objects or the surrounding area.

How can you benefit from it?

1. Select optimum dimentions of components occupying the available space. The point cloud technology used in ToF cameras are utilised in mobile robots working in warehouses.

2. You can optimize the loading stage in transportation thanks to object measuring to assess the volume.

3. You can create models of narrow or dangerous spaces unavailable to the human eye, such as road ducts, in order to check their condition.

4. You can prepare 3D building mapping for the purpose of virtual space arrangement.

5. You can analyze large structures and test their conformance to the original design, blueprints, or their part composition. The analysis results in measurements to within ±1cm.

6. You can detect and recognize moving objects to later determine if they are potentially dangerous or typical.

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Audio systems

Our Acoustic Event Detection (AED) system detects unwanted events and acoustic scenes, analyzes sounds in real time, and warns about emergencies. It uses artificial intelligence and is capable of detecting any sound it learns beforehand.

The standards we comply with when developing software:

ISO 26262, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50126, EN 50159


If your area of operations requires conforming to official standards or you simply want to distinguish your solution, choose to certify your software. This way you can prove the high quality of your product and take care of its users' safety.

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How do we work?

We select the proper standards for the given field.

We define and launch the implementation and testing processes.

We provide consultations regarding software development and testing in accordance to the global standards.

We support certiffication and auditing.

What our clients say

Voestalpine SIGNALING Sopot

Solwit was responsible for developing a part of embedded software for our system in accordance with railway industry regulations and assuring the software quality in an automated testing environment. Today, the UniAC(2) system is being implemented by railway operators all over the world, providing them with the certified security level for rail transportation. Currently, Solwit takes part in the process of maintaining and developing the system as a regular partner of Voestalpine SIGNALING, at the same time providing constant support in adjusting the solution to the requirements of particular target markets.

Przemysław Wołoszyk Development Director
Voestalpine SIGNALING Sopot Sp. z o.o.

We are proud to be one of the Platinum Partners with International Software Testing Qualification Board.

We employ 100 professionals with the ISTQB certification at the levels of Advanced and Foundation who are competent tutors.
We tutor developers focusing on code quality and the right tool set selection (Misra, Vmodel, A SPICE, Doors, Enterprise, JIRA).

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