Refactoring of services
and applications

When we modernize and maintain your applications, we enable your best people to focus on innovation and creating new value.

The past decisions don’t have to be a burden. Old solutions can be refurbished and brought up to current standards of continuous integration.

Give your aging software a new life through refactoring.

Refactoring (code refactoring) is a process of introducing changes to the project, the aim of which is to maintain appropriate, high-quality organization of the system.

When we modernize systems and applications we take care of:


During software and app modernization, we will prepare a backlog compatible with your current and future systems and an additional backlog devoted to testing
as a bonus.

We will analyze data, verify the addressees, and thoroughly describe any problem we find, thus significantly reducing your future development costs.

Legacy vs DevOps

The systems of the past – monolithic and rigid collections of data – don’t have to be a drag on your business. They can be modernized, decomposed into microservices, and adjusted to work with legacy solutions. We also carry out database refactoring. This way we can increase your IT security and efficiency.

Migration strategy

With the one-click deployment approach, we can move the containerized services to the CI/CD environment.

Time to market

Thanks to redefining particular services, the previously developed system will continue to function without significant errors. Each team working in the project will be able to work independently and avoid any delays in the schedule. Decomposing monolithic applications into microservices will let you significantly reduce the time required to release future versions of the software, refresh its front end, launch mobile applications, increase scalability, and prepare the solution for the cloud.


We modernize software so that it meets its users’ requirements. These days the trend is towards the mobile approach, which we also prioritize by putting much focus on UI/UX design, frontend development and performance.

Added value to your projects


Code refactoring runs smoothly with us. Introduce new software versions in hours or days, instead of weeks or months.


Gain multi-channel and multi-level authentication and disperse risks by means of microservices.


Containerize monolithic applications from the past decade effortlessly.


Containerize monolithic applications from the past decade effortlessly.


Software and applications modernization reduce the future cost of modifying rigid monoliths.


Enjoy nice, user-friendly, and functional applications.

How do we work?


You tell us what you are looking for, and our analysts prepare our conception of a dedicated solution.

Technology choice02

From a wide spectrum of solutions, we choose those that fit your needs most closely.

Design & development03

Thanks to the Agile management you, know what happens in your project at all times.

Environment & test04

We check if what you are getting meets your requirements and provides a good basis for future development. You also get fully completed CI/CD environment.


You release your product and we have the satisfaction of having contributed to your project.

Support & expansion06

We are at your side, if you want to expand further or adjust the product to the ever-changing client requirements.

Check out what our clients have to say about us

Michał Bukontt
Sales Director, Sprint S.A.

Between July 20 and August 30, 2020, Solwit SA helped us to develop Customer Care business applications. Solwit SA provided us with 2 software engineers to implement the project whose tasks included: refactoring and adding new libraries, adjusting application components to use Responsive Web Design techniques, and adding new components and functionalities, as well as improving the existing ones.

During the co-operation, the Solwit team showed extraordinary commitment, discipline,
and high co-operation culture. We strongly recommend Solwit SA as a provider of high-quality services and a competent and reliable business partner.


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