Shelf Inspection AI - system for the retail industry

Automate reporting and verifying product exposition correctness using visual merchandising system.


A ready-made, fully customizable solution for the retail industry based on self-learning algorithms (AI/ML), which provide valuable analytical data in real-time by understanding image content.

Software for retail - how does it work?

You can automate your merchandise management process with us!


Take a photo of the exposition you want to verify and send it from your point of sale.


Artificial intelligence algorithms will check the content of the photo and present you with the results on-the-fly.


Within seconds, you’ll have tailor-made business reports based on your analysis results.

Verify if your products are placed in accordance with the visual merchandising plan (planogram).

Be sure to check the goods’ quantity, order, and position on the shelf.

Control the marking of promotional campaigns.

Use extensive and transparent reports for your own needs and clearance of your agreements.

Shelf Inspection AI in numbers

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99.5 percent of the time, we can recognize objects in a photograph better than human eyes
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it delivers automated analysis results and reports in less than a minute

Shelf Inspection AI allows you to verify the display of any product on the shelf.

How do we implement the merchandising system for stores?

1. Profitability Analysis

During the workshop, we look at your current display verification process of product merchandising. We analyze the areas for improvement and optimization, and calculate your potential savings.

2. Solution proposal

After the workshop, you receive a design together with the benefits of the automated process of exposition verification for your organization.

3. Proof of Concept

Based on several products of your choice, we train a neural network model tailored to the needs of your exposition analysis process. Then, we conduct tests to demonstrate the network's effectiveness.

3. Implementation and support

We support you as you implement the solution to maximize the benefits of modernizing organization processes.

Use cases

Marketing campaign monitoring

Failure to meet contractual obligations in the display area could result in financial losses for the retailer. Introduce professional merchandising, manage exposure, and report to manufacturers in real-time.


You will check if stores in your retail chain use correct pricing and take care of proper price marks for your products.


With Shelf Inspection AI you can check:

  • the number of products remaining on the shelf,
  • the number of visible "faces" of the product,
  • the order in which they are placed, compliance with the visual
  • merchandising plan,
  • product categories,
  • the cost and price differentiators.

Product shelf exposition ratio

You can easily verify the the ratio between your product volume and other items occupying the shelf.

Archiving results

You will receive a photo archive of exposure history, orders made, and reports generated. Historical data will help you predict trends.

Real-time analytics

Due to the use of cloud solutions, the data downloads automatically and you can verify the terms of a given supplier contract immediately, with just a few clicks.

Shelf Inspection AI mobile app

A mobile application for verifying visual merchandising plans.

Provide the people responsible for verifying visual merchandising plans with an intuitive tool.

Synthetic reports

Make important business decisions faster while using real-time reports for commercial merchandising.

Why Shelf Inspection AI?


The use of cloud technologies provides almost instant verification of any number of products.

Cost reduction

Automation of the exposition verification process significantly reduces its costs.

Quality improvement

Artificial intelligence recognizes objects in a photo faster and more accurately than the human eye.


We are able to teach the system to recognize any object and text in a photo.

Increase in sales

It is possible to increase sales by effectively enforcing in-store displays with the correct positioning of products.


Using APIs, we can integrate any software used by our clients.


The system scales automatically with any number of products and points of sale.


We support you as you implement and use the new process in your organization.

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