ISTQB Platinum Partner

Posted: 2019-11-26

We are pleased to announce that on November 26, 2019, Solwit got entitled The Platinum Partner of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB®).

The ISTQB® certification is currently considered the leading certification system for software testing.

Testing is a crucial element of any IT solution development. Quality, functionality and security of the software developed, as well as the final costs of the project, depend largely on the way the tests are carried out. With obtaining the ISTQB certification and the Platinum Partnership title proves that in the process of testing our clients’ products, we use international standards and practices, defined by ISTQB, which in practice means:

• the ordered test process
• insight into the test process and quality assessment of the tested product at any time
• increasing the productivity of software development
• organizing the terminology related to testing, thus providing the basis for better communication and better understanding in the software development team.

Solwit’s Tests Competence Center currently employs over 100 test engineers – 90 is already ISTQB certified:
• over 20 at the advanced level,
• over 70 at the basic level.

As Piotr Wierski, Director of the Tests Competence Center says: “To meet the challenges of our clients, including internal ones, we decided to rely on the proven ISTQB standards. Along with the dynamic development of the standards (by ISTQB), we are gradually expanding our skills and knowledge.”
And he adds: “The satisfied customers are the best confirmation of the rightness of our path”

Solwit is one of two companies in Poland with the ISTQB affiliate title of Platinum rank.

ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is an organization founded in 2002, whose mission and goal is to constantly develop the tester profession and to maintain a set of standards and solutions in the field of software testing.

The ISTQB board consists of leading software testing experts. They are elected by national boards. Each national board sends one representative as a member of ISTQB ®. At present, ISTQB ® involves over 48 experts from all continents.

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