Prepare for what’s unpredictable – even global business lockdown

Posted: 2022-04-24

COVID-19 is forcing companies to embark rapid transitionand systems resilience is being tested as never before. As businesses cope with rapidly changing priorities, challenges in area of business continuity, variable volume, real-time decision-making, workforce productivity, security issuesleaders must act quickly with limited information. This is a must in order to address immediate business needs and lay a foundation for the future.  

Some companies, like Solwit, prepared for unpredictable and with Covid-19 development were able to help customers to manage the impact of the global situation. Since 2018 Solwit has focused on developing processes and methods that would enable a quick and reliable response to critical vulnerabilities. 

Prepare for unpredictable 

18 months ago Solwit Board put a plan together to implement rock solid and certified BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) and reach specific targets within two consecutive years. 

 Key elements of the implementation plan cover 3 areas 

I. Analysis:

  • Perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify the company’s strategic processes
  • Selection and definition of critical areas and processes
  • Risk Analysis (RA)

II. Selection and definition:

  • Selection of Critical Processes where continuity is crucial
  • Defining minimum acceptable configurations for emergency and recovery
  • Defining emergency plans in the event of interference or incidents
  • Incidence/interference mitigation procedure development

III. Implementation:

  • Implementation of processes and procedures
  • Testing and refining

In April 2020 Solwit had been certified in compliance with the Business Continuity Management System per the requirements of ISO 22301-2012. ISO stamp is an objective proof of the company’s maturity and preparation to act with certainty in the face of various threats related to IT system failures, employee incidents, fires, telecommunications threats, terrorism or pandemic. 

Benefits of BCMS implementation 

The implementation of BCMS has helped  the company to better define strategic business objectives and processes as well as to understand the importance of having a plan ensuring smooth operation. Furthermore, it was possible to establish and consolidate the awareness of importance of the business continuity among managementemployees. It also proved that a wider company reorganization is needed resulting in new structures and team creation, which can make decisions quickly and effectively in the event of incidents or disturbances. 

During the BIA analysis, critical processes have been identified and the necessary measures to ensure smooth operation including the organization and the rules for mobilizing the resources needed for their proper operation were selected. 

We also witnessed growing demand from our strategic customers to meet criteria and implement mechanisms of uninterrupted delivery of services that guarantee the security of contract execution. 

Covid-19 impact and lessons 

On March 13th, 2020, the Crisis Management Team decided to communicate to the employees about the necessity to work from homeSimultaneously Solwit notified all local and global clients about the decision and ensured full support and continuous work on all projects during the transition.  

By Tuesday March 17th, Solwit had full operational capability of all 300 employees including: relocating the necessary equipment and setting up home offices, defining and testing the IT infrastructure and communication channels. All that allowed all projects and operations to be executed as usual in a regular manner. 

Having upfront prepared and tested mechanisms and practices related to BCM allowed us to execute the actions above preciselyWithin 24h all employees were able to work from home and full working capability was achieved in just 3 working days 

Regular Crisis Management Team meetings continue in order to monitor and improve response to Coronavirus-driven changes. The scope of monitoring is ranging from customer and team status, infrastructure reliability, response to incidents, supply of employees in productivity and personal security tools We also look into employees productivity and well-being in order to help managing  remote work related implications.


For the past 2 months Solwit has been proceeding according to the processes defined for a crisis situations without any negative impact on the employees and customersSolwit is evaluating risk level regularly and looking forward to returning to the standard course of operations.  


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