Solwit at London Tech Week 2021

Posted: 2021-09-13
London Tech Week provides the tech eco-system with a platform to come together to drive change.

This year, the agenda supports economic recovery in a sustainable, inclusive and resilient manner and addresses challenges from bridging the digital divide to battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s mission is to build a better more inclusive digital world by gathering the world’s most inspirational founders, global leaders, senior investors and rising stars to collaborate and discuss the vital role of technology on society.

We could not miss it. Since 2011 our vision is to help others accelerate their business and get rid of technological debt using digital technologies. We create AI-based solutions for companies for whom the biggest challenge is to automate processes and optimize costs.

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London Tech Week will take place in a week-long Festival, 20-24 September 2021.

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