Solwit ranked high in Computerworld Top 200 reports for 2019

Posted: 2020-06-29

According to the latest Computerworld Top 200 report for 2019, Solwit took 170th position, rising from 185th place, among 367 of the largest IT companies in Poland.

Solwit is ranked as the third provider of software testing services in Poland, follwing the global, corporate providers of this type of service. Solwit also ranks 12th among 50 largest solution providers for the IT sector and 20th among providers of outsourcing services. The company also made its debut in the ranking of software developers, taking 46 place.

The positions taken by Solwit in the rankings for 2019:

The largest suppliers of software testing services3
The largest suppliers of services and solutions for ICT sector12
The largest suppliers of outsourcing services20
The largest suppliers of services and solutions for transportation and logistics sector29
The largest suppliers of services and solutions for education and reasearch sector31
The largest suppliers of services in Cloud model46
The largest suppliers of custom software46
The largest employers48
The largest ICT service suppliers for SME61
The largest ICT service suppliers for large and corporate companies62
The largest suppliers of services and solutions for banking sector65
The largest suppliers of ICT services76
The companies with the largest net profit113
The largest ICT companies in Poland170

Computerworld TOP200 is a prestigious report on the IT industry in Poland. Its goal is to present the overall condition of the ICT sector and the perspectives and challenges it faces. For nearly 30 years, it has been the main source of information on market leaders in individual segments. The report is under the patronage of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the National Center for Research and Development and the Ministry of Development.

Detailed information on the report is available on the publisher’s website – IDG.

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