We work safely

We joined the #zostanwdomu campaign - we moved the entire recruitment process, regardless of the position, online. Below you will find information about individual stages and steps as well as tips on how to prepare for this unusual recruitment.


We care about safety, not only of our clients, but also our employees. That is why we have joined the #stayathome initiative and moved the entire recruitment process online.

Here you will find information on each of the steps of this new and unusual process, as well as some tips on how to prepare for it.

Since March we have been working remotely and learning how to recruit in this new mode, with much success, we might add.

Switching to home office rapidly and in full volume has shown the strengths of our organization. We have learned a lot from this experience.


We constantly look for new employees. That is why we conduct both recruitment and onboarding remotely.


We know things are tough, but we are doing our best to make this time easier and less of a nuisance for our employees. That is why we have launched several supporting initiatives:

  • Coffee time with the board – members of the board take part in a webinar to keep everyone up to speed with the company’s situation and discuss the most recent events in the fields we are interested in. The meetings take place every two weeks.
  • Coffee breaks – we meet to talk about our organisation’s internal affairs – what is going on, how processes are changing, what new initiatives we have launched, and what else we could do to improve the quality of our staff’s lives. It is also a great way of meeting our back office and management for a nice, informal chat. We meet every Wednesday.
  • A chit-chat for the week’s end – every Friday we meet to have a chat on everything we choose and nothing in particular, in either Polish or English, drinking coffee, and taking a well deserved break just before the weekend.
  • Weekly newsletters – once a week everyone gets an email with a summary of the current events, initiatives, competitions within and outside of the company. It is important to stay updated.
  • There are very few limitations to working from home. If the need arises to visit the office personally, we do it in accordance with strict sanitary regulations.


To find out more about working with us
check out our profiles on social media!

To find out more about working with us check out our profiles on social media!