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Quality assurance & testing services

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What do we do in software testing?

Safety critical
software testing

We design and test embedded software. Safety-critical solutions are our specialty.


Our extensive cybersecurity expertise keeps your software safe from hackers.

Every kind of tests

We automate and manually test all types of software in accordance with the ISTQB quality standard.

Who are we?

We know every step of software development. We are a proven technology partner. We have developed and tested thousands of systems and applications for more than ten years. We are a team of over 350 specialists. We are ISTQB Platinum Partner with 140+ certified QA engineers.

Our everyday life consists of standards and certificates

ISO 11633, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, ISO 21434, ISO 24089, EN 50159, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50126, EN 50657, TS 50701, ISO 29119

We have completed many projects requiring the application of these standards. Trust our experience.


We support every industry, check key case studies

& entertainment
& banking
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Software testing
and test automation
Embedded systems, IoT, safety-critical testing
Entry at each project stage
Guarantee of the
team's stability
Full and transparent
cost control
Flexibility and rapid scalability of team size

Check out what our clients have to say about us

Joanna Nowak
Head of the Medical Supply Department, The University Clinical Center in Gdansk

“We asked Solwit for their support in creating a system that would meet our needs and improve the parcel flow process. Solwit provided us with technologies that will allow us to adapt the system to our emerging requirements or processes in the future, as well as to scale it depending on our needs. In addition, the UI design, graphic, and interface development for our application, both in the mobile and web version, were on Solwit’s side.

The Solwit team presented great commitment and the advanced skills needed to implement the project. They perfectly identified our business needs and indicated key stages of the process, which needed to be taken care of in particular during the project. The team also prepared complete project documentation. The work results during the following stages were delivered on time.”

Wojciech Sznapka
Chief Technology Officer,
STS Gaming Group

“Thanks to many years of experience in software development, the specialists from Solwit provided us with high-quality software, expanding our proprietary STSPay system and automating the payout process. Solwit has experience in implementing big data and big query solutions. With their help, we managed to introduce our Datalake, allowing us to speed up transaction processing without compromising any of our security systems.

Thanks to this step, our data warehouse gives us the possibility to cater our offer to our clients in a much more efficient way. We used Solwit's support, which resulted in implementing in STSPay new cloud services - a system of immediate payouts for our winners. Thanks to its scalability, we are now able to efficiently serve users even in peak-traffic moments. It was one of the most well-organized Agile project we have had in STS with an outside developer.”

Dawid Prysak
CFO, STS Gaming Group

“Thanks to Solwit's support and experience in the field of cloud and transaction systems, the time for STSPay to process payouts was reduced threefold. This was made possible through automation of the involved business processes by means of PaaS and IaaS services, integrating online banking services.

In the future, if we plan further automation of our services, we will certainly ask Solwit for new and equally effective solutions to match the ever-changing business environment.”

Michał Bukontt
Sales Director
Sprint S.A.

“Between July 20 and August 30, 2020, Solwit SA helped us to develop Customer Care business applications. Solwit SA provided us with 2 software engineers to implement the project whose tasks included: refactoring and adding new libraries, adjusting application components to use Responsive Web Design techniques, and adding new components and functionalities, as well as improving the existing ones.

During the co-operation, the Solwit team showed extraordinary commitment, discipline, and high co-operation culture. We strongly recommend Solwit SA as a provider of high-quality services and a competent and reliable business partner.”

Piotr Mikulski
Head of R&D, Bibus Menos
Sp. z o.o.

“We were looking for a partner who could create dedicated software for management of 3D printers machines park. The Solwit team professionally fulfilled all our expectations by creating smart, highly modular software which is compatible with our own embedded software.

We also appreciate communication level and professionalism of the project team.”

Krzysztof Bronowski
Finance Director
of FarmaProm Polska
Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

“FarmaProm has reached out to Solwit for professional expertise and support in implementing big data technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery functionalities.

Co-operation between a FarmaProm specialist and dedicated Solwit specialists has been a valuable partnership beneficial for both parties.”

Przemysław Wołoszyk
Development Director, Voestalpine SIGNALING
Sopot Sp. z o.o.

“Solwit S.A. was responsible for the implementation of part of the embedded software for the system, in accordance with the rigors of the industry railway standards, and for ensuring the quality of the software in an automated test environment. Today, the UniAC (2) system is implemented by railway line operators all over the world, ensuring rail traffic safety in line with standards.

Currently Solwit, as a permanent partner of Voestalpine SIGNALING, participates in the processes of further maintenance and development of the system, at the same time providing support in adapting the solution to the requirements of individual target markets.”

Artur Dyro
CEO, Learnetic SA

“We didn't want to invest too much in infrastructure. We didn't want to maintain large server rooms, so we focused on developing our solutions to grow the business. In Poland alone, there are about five million students. However, we aim to transform education all around the globe, so the load can jump from hundreds to several million literally in minutes. How to handle that tide and a fluctuating number of users?

Solwit has extensive experience working with the world's biggest companies. In essence, I don't know how it works, but it does. Therefore, not having to worry about all that tech stuff is a huge comfort for me as a CEO. It is crucial to have someone in business that you can rely on 24/7.”

Edwin Dudziak
CEO, Solwena S.A.

“The Percee system created by Solwit’s team is now implemented in 25 public buildings. It allows to remotely control the temperature inside, ventilation, air conditioning. A team of engineers was responsible for the development and testing of the software and the selection of IoT components. Solwit still supports us in the development and maintenance of the system.

Each change request is carried out on time and with the highest expected quality.”

Wojciech Szymański
R&D Manager of Engineo
sp. z o.o

“With a team of six specialists in various fields, Solwit delivered the mobile application in just six months. We began our collaboration with a workshop combined with business analysis. This clarified our expectations, allowing us to quickly move forward with the project.

Over the course of the development process, we were in constant contact with the Solwit team. Changes were responded to regularly, and they suggested improvements as well.”

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