Frequently asked questions

Is the recruitment process the same for every job position?

Yes, although some steps may be omitted, for example, if you send us a link to a repository, then we will not be asking you to solve a task. First of all we are flexible 🙂

I like two job offers. Should I respond to both offers?

This is not necessary. If your skills and experience are appropriate for more than one position, we will let you know. Ultimately, we will leave the choice to you. We want our co-workers to feel good about the project they are working on.

Your offer is interesting but I live in another city. Can I work remotely?

Unfortunately, due to the specifics of the projects being run, there is no possibility of permanent remote work.
All those who want to work with us and move from another city, we are willing to offer financial support in the form of a relocation allowance.

I applied! What’s next?

Wait for contact from us. We always answer – regardless of the decision. We try not to leave the candidates in uncertainty for too long. As a response, you will receive an invitation to meet us again, or information that we do not have a position that suits your skills at the moment. Your resume will be in our database, which we visit regularly.

I’ve been invited to the interview. How long will the interview take and where will it take place?

First of all – congratulations!
Usually the recruitment conversation takes 1,5 hour. The final result depends on various aspects, including you. The meeting will take place in Solwit’s seat.

What if something comes up and I cannot attend the interview?

Please let us know. When we confirm the interview, we will send an email in which you will find a direct contact with the person conducting the meeting.

What questions can I expect?

We will definitely ask you, what you would like to do in Solwit, and what you do not want to do. So we do not waste time, we will talk to you about technical things and “softer” themes in a single meeting, so we can get to know you better.

Is it worth getting ready for the interview in a special way?

Always be prepared for questions that test your knowledge, skills, and practical experience in the form of completed projects. We will be very happy if you read about us on the Internet, visit our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Who will attend the interview?

The interview will be attended by: a member of the HR team and a team manager for whose team we need support. Sometimes we also have an experienced engineer who is will verify technical skills.

Will the interview be conducted in English?

No, we speak Polish during recruitment interviews. If your position requires the use of English in your daily work, we will check its level.

Will I receive wage details for the position I apply for?

A complete wage offer is provided to the candidates we decide to work with. Expect to be asked questions about your expectations.

When will I get the answer?

We try to answer as soon as possible. As a rule, candidates receive feedback within two weeks.

What do I do, if the answer does not come?

Sometimes, we are not able to provide the feedback within two weeks. If this happens in your case, please email us and let us know. We will answer promptly.

Coalition for Friendly
We are members of coalition for friendly recruitment. We promote good practices in recruitment and set standards in this area. It is important for us to care for the relationship with the candidates and their experience in the process of recruitment (Candidate Experience).
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