We deliver and test complete IT solutions. We help our clients accelerate their business by creating modern software that leverages power of the latest technologies.

Software development

We develop custom software using technologies such as .NET, Java, and Python.

Software testing

We test all kinds of software and use a huge variety of test types. According to the Computerworld 2019 ranking, we are in the TOP3 of software testing companies in Poland. The Platinum Partnership with ISTQB further confirms our competences.

Managed cloud services

Cloud services are about agility and adaptation, essential to building competitive advantage. Drive business in the cloud.

Outsourcing of IT experts and services

Our specialists and teams are ready to realize your projects - analysts, front and back-end specialists, UI/UX designers, DevOps, testers, and Cloud architects.

DevOps and SysOps services

We will implement the devops methodology to your processes. We provide services in the field of CI / CD.

IoT Software Development

IoT software and applications services for your business. We are one of the IoT development companies that architect, create and develop IoT solutions for healthcare, automotive, med tech, manufacturing and everyday products. Scalable, cyber secure and tailored to the needs of your customers.

Embedded-type software

We design embedded systems for every industry, also when it is necessary to ensure a high level of security. We help in the certification of systems and devices.

Refactoring of services and applications

We will refactor the code and automate regression testing. We will modernize and maintain your applications, allowing you to focus on innovation.

Product Design Sprint

Get answers to key business questions faster. Make your digital product launch more successful with the design sprint methodology.

Accelerate work in your company. Automate financial transactions, reduce the performance of tedious, repetitive tasks.

Use advanced business intelligence tools to analyze your company's financial results. You will use the potential of artificial intelligence and receive clear reports, allowing you to make decisions quickly and manage the company and its finances more effectively.

Get to know your customers and utilize e-commerce grade data analysis to meet their expectations more effectively.

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