Lab Infrastructure

How do we prepare the testing process for certification?

Lab space lease

  • Hosting customers’ test & validation laboratory infrastructures
  • Data Center security and safety standards
  • Power density from Low (500W/m2) up to high (1500W/m2)
  • Accompanied with lab infrastructure management services (operations)


  • Application and firmware installation
    OS and hypervisor administration
  • Development, building and testing environment setup and maintenance
  • Automatic software setup, backup and recovery
  • Environment and Systems monitoring
  • Hardware maintenance and update
  • Device connectivity, powering, heat distribution
  • Equipment con guration
  • Lab infrastructure development

How do we prepare the testing process for certification?

Setup and maintenance
of development environments

  • Bare metal and virtual servers
  • Hardware prototypes from power-on stage
  • ALM like systems (code repositories, bug trackers, requirement, task and test management tools)
  • Build and Continuous Integration systems
  • Automated testing infrastructure


  • User support
  • 24/7 on call duties
  • Security
  • ITIL
  • Ensuring high availability (99.8%) of the development and lab infrastructure services

Tools and technologies


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