Selection and development
of testing solutions

We will select the appropriate test tools for your project and recommend the best testing solutions.

A proper selection of testing solutions and their development are as important as testing procedures themselves.

Even the best test engineers are not able to work effectively, if they are forced to use a bad selection of tools. Using our experience based on testing all kinds of solutions, such as embedded systems, web applications, and mobile apps, we will help you choose the right testing tools for your project.

Before we recommend testing solutions, we will consider:

  • the project’s field of industry,
  • the project’s budget and time span,
  • the number of team members,
  • the needs regarding requirement trackability and archivization,
  • the ROI value for each of the chosen tools,
  • stability and support for the given tool set,
  • the ability to use ready-made solutions or create a proprietary, dedicated solution.

If you have the testing tools, we will show you the ways you can develop it further and improve its usefullness, as well as efficiency. This is true in relation to commercially available, off-the-shelf software, but also proprietary, dedicated tools, created directly for the purpose of your projects.

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