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A promise of value

Solwit offers services related to software engineering and ready-made IT solutions, implemented on the basis of individual customer needs. In accordance with the declaration contained in the company’s mission, our goal is to solve the problems of modern society and business using digital technologies. We have defined two main challenges facing modern companies and on this basis we have defined Solwit’s services:

Acceleration of Innovation

Digital technologies are present in almost every industry that delivers value to customers and consumers. The pace of technological changes and the growing demand for IT competences are challenging for entrepreneurs and may have a negative impact on the achievement of their business goals. Solwit offers solutions that accelerate the delivery of innovation, allow to optimize the costs of running the business and enable strengthening the competitive advantages. Services offered by Solwit bring our clients the following benefits:

  • minimizing the risk of errors
  • cost optimization
  • use of modern software in business processes
  • process automation
  • analytics based on AI / ML

Technological Debt Reduction

Technological debt is the consequence of the accumulation of activities that for some reason were postponed. Technological debt is often compared to financial debt – in case of technological debt, the interest are actually the excess work that must be done in order to quickly adapt to current requirements. The repayment of technological debt requires large amount of time, which enterprises usually are short of. Solwit offers solutions that help to get rid of the burdens and focus on business development, i.e .:

  • code and application refactoring
  • test acceleration
  • providing competences and teams extending the client’s resources

Business solutions

Solwit developed its proprietary solutions based on the latest technologies. The solutions are implemented in customers’ environments and adapted to their specific requirements.

Reliability and transparency

Solwit implemented number of policies and procedures to ensure the compliance of its operations in the areas regulated by Polish and community law, as well as resulting from good practices and business ethics:

  • procedures related to the protection of personal data (here)
  • procedures related to the implementation of the ISO 27001 standard, related to information security
  • procedures related to maintaining business continuity related to the implementation of the ISO 22301 standard.
  • procedures related to counteracting corruption, i.e .:

– code of conduct for employees

– code of conduct for suppliers procedures related to the observance of human and labor rights, i.e. anti-mobbing policy procedures and open-door policy

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