Solwit’s social responsibility

Area: Employees and contractors

Work at Solwit as the
source of satisfaction
and development

In good relations from the very start

  • We participate in the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment. We comply with the Code of Good Recruitment Practices, and focus on proper communication and atmosphere of mutual respect throughout the qualification process. We made the recruitment process public on the Solwit website. We also conduct a dialogue with candidates via social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn) and the website.

Working at Solwit

  • In the conducted research, Solwit stands out for its work-life balance approach. Our leaders support employees in aspects related to their mental well-being. With the utmost care we approach the issues of teamwork, proper interpersonal relations and integration.
  • We make sure that we are in good contact with each other on daily basis and have ongoing access to key events and information. Internal communication in Solwit is based on number of different tools, i.e. intranet, newsletter, instant messaging, meetings at various levels, etc.
  • Taking care of the continuous development of our employees’ competences, we support their development activities, enabling them to participate in trainings, courses, workshops and conferences – both internal and external.
  • We care about constant development within four development paths:
    • expert, based on the development of knowledge and technical and specialist skills, within three competence options: JUNIOR / MID / SENIOR
    • leadership, related to the development and use of people management competences,
    • about providing products and services (delivery), requiring the ability to manage projects and teams as well as the process of cooperation with the client
    • on sales, enabling participation in the commercial process, developing competences related to offering and winning contracts.
  • Our offices are designed to boost cooperation. In order for the work to be effective, the factors contributing to the highest hygiene at work must be ensured, i.e. ergonomic, good-quality furniture, adequate lighting, proper acoustics and temperature.
  • Our spaces are not only offices, but also rooms for rest and relaxation, fully equipped kitchens and comfortable conference rooms.
  • The offer of benefits and allowances is adjusted to the current needs and assumptions of the organizational culture. The currently offered bonuses are:
    • private health insurance
    • group life insurance
    • passion & hobbies support
    • benefit sports cards
    • quarterly team meetings
  • Solwit is not only a job. We spend a lot of time together and make sure that we do not miss what is important.
  • we welcome the newborns of our employees with gifts, and we make sure that the kids also get the satisfaction that their parents are part of our team, by organizing fun events for them on various occasions.
  • we celebrate important events, birthdays and anniversaries of our employees
  • we have fun together during quarterly team meetings and annual family events

Our health as the greatest value

Out of concern for the health and safety of employees, at Solwit we have created the HCMS (Health Continuity Management System), i.e. a set of rules, actions and recommendations, supporting our employees in caring for their mental, physical and social well-being.

As part of the HCMS system, various educational, preventive and integrating activities are proposed and implemented, in particular aimed at the areas of physical, mental and social health. The expected result of the activities carried out is an increase in employee satisfaction and satisfaction.

How does the HCMS system work?

We support initiatives that promote a positive impact on health, but also meet the needs of the local community and the environment, and promote values ​​in line with company values, e.g .:

  • as part of Solwit: organizational challenges for specific goals, eg converting kilometers into PLN to support a selected charity goal; charity breakfasts, auctions, etc.
  • external events: incl. participation in competitions supporting charity purposes; participation in fundraisers and providing support for initiatives addressed to the needs of specific institutions or private persons.

In the spirit of HCMS, we plan and implement

  • internal and integration events: shared vegan / vegetarian breakfasts
  • health prevention events (e.g. Movember, Pink Ribbon, Healthy First Day of Spring)
  • celebrating important employee events (birthdays, etc.); kudoses, reconitions
  • team meetings: joint integration events, coffee breaks – we talk about topics that are close to employees.

Social responsible business solutions

Solwit developed its proprietary solutions based on the latest technologies. The solutions are implemented in customers’ environments and adapted to their specific requirements.

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