8 AI trends in 2024 - expert's predictions

Posted: 2024-01-08
Written by: Zbigniew Usarek

Artificial intelligence has become more prevalent recently, and its popularity has surged especially last year. In 2024, AI will become ubiquitous – from content generation and programming support to extensive use in customer service. This article covers our predictions of how AI will shape our lives in 2024.

  1. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) – Generating original content with ever-improving quality, such as text, music, or images, is one of the most enthralling trends in AI. Tools using GenAI, such as ChatGPT, PaLM, DALL-E 2, or Imagen, as a result of the race between big players such as Microsoft (OpenAI) and Google, are constantly being enhanced and make it easy to create top-quality content within seconds.
  2. Open software AI –  The popularity of open-source artificial intelligence models is on the rise. This lowers the threshold for entry into the industry. Smaller companies, especially those that cannot afford to develop large language models from scratch, can now easily create innovative AI-based solutions.
  3. Programming with AI support  – Developers increasingly rely on assistants, such as Duet AI or Github Copilot, to support and automate their work.
  4. Legal solutions to regulate the use of artificial intelligence – As AI develops, it becomes increasingly necessary to regulate its creation and use to ensure that it is used ethically and responsibly. Current regulations have not kept pace with AI’s rapid development in EU countries and the US.
  5. Responsible AI – It is an area where AI developers set rules for their use, such as the impartiality of algorithms, transparency, privacy, and security. Practices related to responsible AI underpin the policies of services offered by platforms such as Google Cloud and Azure.
  6. New jobs related to AI  – In response to the accelerated advancement of AI, new jobs are being created, particularly for GenAI experts. Jobs such as AI Consultant, AI Engineer, and AI Prompt Writer are prominent among them.
  7. AI in search engines  – Artificial intelligence is changing how we use search engines by bringing personalized, contextual, and predictive search results. In addition, it enables us to search using images and videos.
  8. AI in customer service  – AI is increasingly being used in customer service to bolster service, save money, and elevate productivity through advanced chatbots with big language models behind them.

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Written by: Zbigniew Usarek,
AI/ML expert

A physicist who became so fascinated by the AI field that he pursued a professional career in it. In his daily work, he harnesses artificial intelligence capabilities to create projects for clients in the pharmaceutical, fuel, transportation, and logistics industries. As a long-time trainer and coach, he knows how to listen actively and find solutions to the most challenging problems. Certified Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer.

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