Google Cloud Poland Opening [video]

Posted: 2021-04-14

On April 14, Google officially opened a new region in Poland. We had the opportunity to share with the participants two interesting stories about how the use of the possibilities of Google Cloud accelerated the development of our clients’ businesses.

Michał Zieniewicz, the head of the Cloud & Integration Services Business Unit from Solwit, and Michał Górski, Big Data Developer from FarmaProm, talked about how Google Cloud enables real-time data analysis. Michał also discussed how Solwit and Google Cloud helped to accelerate payouts for sports bets with Wojciech Sznapka from STS.

Real-time analysis of pharmaceutical market data with FarmaProm.

Watch the recording of the meeting with Michał Górski and find out:

  • how FarmaProm created its own datalake, relieving the overcrowded transaction base, without investing in infrastructure and with no interruption to the operation of its systems;
  • how FarmaProm provided its clients with the ability to analyze historical and current data at any time, reducing waiting for the results to a matter of seconds;
  • how Google services facilitated the analysis of data from many sources;
  • what our client’s goals were when moving to the Google Cloud Platform;
  • what business results our client reached by using BigQuery and Google Cloud.

STS Pay payouts 3 times faster.

STS is the leader of the sports betting market in Poland. They were in need of a partner who would help them implement a system to automate payouts for their clients. We talked about the challenges we had to face during the project and how the expectations of betting services’ customers in Poland, and around the world, are changing.

From the recording you will also learn:

  • why STS decided to use cloud solutions;
  • the structure of the architecture of our solution;
  • what problems we encountered when integrating with banking systems;
  • how Google services influenced the STS business.

Watch now!

You can listen to other interesting conversations that took place during the event HERE.

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