How will artificial intelligence change the world? The conference summary

Posted: 2023-11-22
Written by: Agnieszka Kenig-Westphal

We are witnessing a revolution within the realm of artificial intelligence. Scientists constantly strive to develop systems that replace the human mind in thinking and decision-making. Getting back to the pre-AI era seems unthinkable.

The conference “How will artificial intelligence change the world?” took place on 14 November. The meeting addressed issues related to the social revolution, global economic changes, and ethical and legal concerns. The panel discussions included representatives from fields such as humanities, law, economics, and technology.

Leszek Pankiewicz, CEO of Solwit, made the summary of all the presentations, and today, we share with you his most important conclusions:

📌 New times. We are in the midst of a revolution we are unaware of. We are transitioning from a world dominated by humans to a world of humans and machines. A new culture is emerging that is not fully defined morally and legally.

📌 AI is still largely undiscovered. Although it is an integral part of our lives, we are still learning about it.

📌 AI provides a competitive advantage. Contrary to appearances, few companies use it today, but those that do have a stronger market position.

📌 AI creates and improves. On one hand, AI creates new job positions, such as a Prompt Engineer; on the other hand, it is becoming increasingly popular in the field of text and multimedia creation. It can complement the work of a modern creator.

📌 Transparency of AI. From a legal point of view, it is vital to share information that certain materials were created using AI.

📌 Our natural intelligence is significant. Artificial intelligence has developed very quickly in the last year, but we should not forget to train not only algorithms but also our own skills and appreciate our innate intelligence.

Level Up #1_ AIspiration - Unlocking the Potential of AI

While watching the speeches of the various experts, many pondered the question: Can we stop artificial intelligence development? The answer is simple: NO. Does humanity face a downfall? Is artificial intelligence more of a threat or an opportunity? There is no clear answer to these questions. Given these circumstances, our CEO advises: Make the most of each day (Carpe diem)!

The conference provided a wealth of information and expert opinions. Furthermore, it demonstrated how artificial intelligence affects our daily lives in a variety of ways. We would like to thank Prof. Janusz Rachon for the invitation. 

We look forward to our next meeting! If you’re seeking a technology partner with experience in developing AI-based solutions to grow your business, get in touch and set up a free consultation.


Written by: Agnieszka Kenig-Westphal,
Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager w Solwicie. Z marketingiem związana od ponad 11 lat, współpracowała zarówno z korporacjami, jak i szybko rosnącymi firmami z sektora nowoczesnych technologii. Prywatnie fanka i organizatorka podróży oraz miłośniczka zagadnień związanych z futurologią.

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