In terms of numbers, the company is already a corporation, yet the kitchen still has a family feel – interview with Mikołaj Andrzejewski, Embedded Developer

Posted: 2021-09-06

Written by: Justyna Cichocka (Recruitment and employer branding specialist)

Why Solwit?

When I was changing jobs, I was looking for a place where I could primarily pursue my passion – programming. Previous experiences had taught me that the larger the corporation, the more time is spent in meetings, and this in turn builds a sense of wasted time. I wanted to have a real impact on the product and development – this seems to be the domain of smaller companies. I consider Solwit to be a golden mean – in my project there are not many meetings, the bar is set high, but on the other hand there is no need to work late all the time to make up for underestimated tasks. In Solwit we put emphasis on development, organizing internal trainings and financing the ones held in other places. Why ‘us”? Because I had the pleasure to lead one of such internal trainings, so I feel part of it

What is the key feature that makes Solwit stand out?

I think the main feature is the friendly and open environment that we have managed to build and maintain, despite the quite large number of co-workers. In terms of numbers, the company is already a corporation, yet you can still feel the family atmosphere in the kitchen.

What is the most difficult part of your daily work?

Limiting the number of coffees drunk Unfortunately (or fortunately) there are always many interesting topics to talk about with equally interesting people, it’s just a pity that time in Solwit passes so quickly and the job will not do itself…

What surprised you in Solwit?

The first surprise – the efficiency of the IT team. Any hardware failure does not have to be associated with putting work on hold for a few days, and most issues can still be dealt with immediately! The second thing is the performance of the recruitment team. I have fond recollections when starting my cooperation – after a few successful interviews I was really looking forward to coming to the office

What are you most proud of?

If I started a family, that would be my reason to be most proud of Unfortunately I haven’t gotten that far in life, so at this point my biggest pride is the fact that everything I’ve achieved in IT I owe mostly to myself. During my school days, I spent nights and nights trying to write a working program, I spent a lot of time in my little electronic lab, and despite various problems at school, at this point I have nothing to be ashamed of. And I hope that my mother will forgive me all the ‘F’ grades I got at school

If you could change your position for a week, what would you like to do?

If it’s on paper – I’d love to take over as CEO, and it could be even longer than for a week If, on the other hand, in terms of responsibilities – I don’t think I’d want to change anything. I like my job – sometimes it’s even silly to call it that – designing and programming are still my passion as well.

Who is Solwit a perfect choice for? What kind of people feel good with us?

I think there are several types of people:

a) for beginners – this is definitely a good place to grow,

b) for those who are bored with work in big corporations – here you can rest your headphones and vocal cords,

c) for people with ambitions – training programs and substantive support of senior colleagues give a huge kick and motivate to explore the unknown.

The beginnings in Solwit, what do you remember, perhaps you would like to tell us a story?

There is this one story. On my euphoric commute to work, I took a wrong turn and caused a collision. The bumper of my car was damaged. I can still remember how, despite a short acquaintance (second week at work), a teammate himself suggested that we could meet at the weekend and fix it. He invited me to his place and we spent several hours in the garage, replacing the cracked part. The car has been running until now, and over time I have become convinced that this is not an isolated case of selfless support in Solwit. By the way – greetings to you Maciek

Where do you see Solwit in 10 years?

Well, seeing the rate of growth, I would very much like to see Solwit in similar colours as today. It is true that there is a visible trend of remote working, but I would still like to see the traditional team building meetings – both quarterly and daily – maintained.

What can we wish to the entire Solwit team on its 10th birthday?

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