Level UP #3 R155 and ISO 21434: 10 questions on cyber security in automotive

Posted: 2023-12-05
Written by: Magda Dąbrowska

The year 2024 will be decisive for the entire automotive industry. The deadline for implementing regulation R155 in this sector is July. Having advised clients on improving cyber security processes in testing and software development for years, we decided to share our knowledge on this critical topic for automotive today.

During the LinkedIn live event, our experts comprehensively answered the question: is the automotive industry ready for the new cyber security challenges, particularly in the context of the R155 regulation and the ISO 21434 standard?


There were several things participants learned, including:

🎯 What the R155 regulation is, and what it implies

🎯 How ISO 21434 can help you lay out your cyber security processes

🎯 Does R155 apply to you as an OEM or T1 supplier?

🎯 Where to start if you are preparing to implement R155 or certified to the ISO 21434 stand

Watch the video, and if you have any more questions, get in touch and set up a free consultation with our experts: Piotr Strzałkowski, a Cybersecurity Expert in automotive embedded systems, and Marianna Demczuk-Ignyś, Tech Solutions Advisor.


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Solwit Level UP is a series of events aimed at IT leaders seeking ways to scale their companies with cutting-edge technologies. In this round, we focused on cyber security in automotive.

Cybersecurity in automotive

Written by: Magda Dąbrowska,
Brand Marketing Manager

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