.Net means programming for success!

Posted: 2020-10-30

Written by: Joanna Leska (Channel & Partner Marketing Manager)

.Net is one of the most frequently chosen technology platforms for business applications. Solwit delivered over 50 huge Dot Net projects (plus number of less complex business applications), and no wonder that Software Engineers at Solwit are real fans of the object-oriented approach of .Net and for the convenience coming from the seamless work across multiple operating systems. Moreover our Product Managers also recommend .Net to building a high-quality, ultra-complex web or desktop application.

See what Solwit actually delivers, when building your apps on .Net:

Shorter time to market

.NET allows faster development of high-quality applications and is considered the most productive platform for developers. This is due to the fact that .Net platform contains a number of technologies known and liked by software engineers, i.e .:

  • huge collection of predefined class libraries,
  • possibility of asynchronous programming,
  • support of very efficient Visual Studio tools,
  • compliance with over 40 programming languages,
  • integrated but simple LINQ language syntax,
  • open-source ecosystem with great community contribution.


Limitless use options

Developers can built actually ANY application at .Net platform:

  • mobile applications running on iOS, Android and Windows,
  • enterprise server applications running on Windows Server and Linux,
  • large-scale microservices running in the cloud.


Speed, performance, and cost savings

Briefly, .NET platform performs faster than any other popular framework.  (acc to TechEmpower). At the same time it requires less computer power. What does it mean? Well, you may built even more sophisticated applications, that will perform really fast, and no extra investment in infrastructure is required.


Security and reliability

.Net platform has been developed by the global leader of software solutions – Microsoft.

This means, the  best standards of security, and top-notch experts engaged to maintain the platform secure and reliable.


It is a platform of success

.NET is used by some of the most innovative companies worldwide: Dell, Accenture, Stack Overflow, UPS, Power BI ,Siemens etc.


.Net means programming for success!

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