Oh My Tech: Women's ITspirations - the inaugural meeting coverage

Posted: 2024-03-14
Written by: Justyna Cichocka

Oh My Tech’s first event, Women’s ITspirations, brought together more than 70 wonderful guests. Check out our event coverage and find out when we plan the next one!

Thursday afternoon, just before Women’s Day, was the perfect time for the inaugural event. Together with Alten Polska, we organized two sister events—in Gdańsk and Kraków —dedicated to women, but not exclusively. Our Gdansk edition attracted more than 70 guests, fantastic and open partners, and an inspiring speaker line-up. But let’s go back to where it all began.

What’s the story behind Oh My Tech?

It’s no secret that we deeply miss meeting in person. In the age of remote or hybrid working, we miss the energy we get from meeting new people, hence why we decided to create a space to do that. We strive to create a positive community in the IT industry, enabling lively discussions, showcasing good practices, and finding solutions to everyday challenges. All in a soft-edged format—in the absence of brushing and building barriers, but rather with open minds and friendly smiles.

Since Women’s Day was coming up, we chose to dedicate this first meeting to women – but it wasn’t just the ladies who honored us with their presence.

Diversity-packed Agenda

This topic clearly reigned supreme during Women’s ITspirations. Our incredible female speakers touched on different aspects of the issue in their presentations, resulting in lively discussions afterward. Take a peek at the agenda and follow our social media if you want to see a video coverage of the event!

What did the agenda have to offer?

  • What is the face of IT? – Alicja Ciuńczyk – Senior Business Partner at No Fluff Jobs

  • Diversity has many names – Different organizational cultures – Dominika Kępska – Managing Owner at EngCity and Intermedia Global Team

  • “Ours, feminine” is needed! – Dorota Kabat – Business coach and business owner at A4L

  • Bouquets of different flowers are the most beautiful – Magda Brauer – Head of HR at Solwit

We eagerly anticipate the next event, which will take place in May!

Our sincere thanks go out to our partners: Trojmiasto.pl, Biotaniqe, Code:me, Infoshare, Incubator Starter, and No Fluff Jobs.


Written by: Justyna Cichocka,
Communication Specialist

A Polish language enthusiast, actively engaged in the IT industry for over a decade. She values open communication, maintains a keen eye for linguistic precision, and embraces an innovative approach to writing. At Solwit, she is a valuable Sales, Marketing, & Communication team member, primarily responsible for delivering top-quality content. In her personal life, she takes pride in caring for her beloved canine companion, Null.

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