Solwit SA is the Silver UiPath Partner

Posted: 2020-02-19

UiPath is a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation solutions. According to the Gartner report, the company is currently a global leader in its field.

Within the cooperation with UiPath, Solwit has expanded its offer to RPA implementation services. In addition Solwit will  now distribute the license for the simple and easy-to-use RPA tools. Now we offer the full automation solutions: from license analysis and purchase to implementation and technical support of the ready solutions.

Automation of business processes is currently one of the main technological and managerial trends. This is beacuse automating of simple, routine tasks allows entrepreneurs to focus on creative, analytical and strategic activities.

Combination of the intelligent automation tools on the UiPath platform and the competence of Solwit engineers enables our clients to accelerate the digital transformation and thus – to increase the dynamics of their business development.

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