Why software engineers need CSR?

Posted: 2022-05-24

Written by: Joanna Żerańska-Leska, Channel & Partner Marketing Manager

In the practical, algorithmic world of engineers, any elements not directly related to product development may seem to be redundant elements affecting the daily work. We all understand the contribution of HR or marketing teams. And what benefits, from an engineer’s point of view, come from the fact that a company applies the policies of corporate social responsibility?

This practical CSR …

CSR is an approach according to which a company’s goal is not only to earn money, but above all, to make a positive change – globally and locally.  It is the way the company generates profits and relates to its partners, employees, stakeholders and the entire business environment.

This positive impact can be of various nature: we can develop technologies that change the world (and make money this way), we can support growth of a region (by creating jobs), we can support natural environment by compensating for the footprint that we make, we can also support local communities by sharing profits in the form of e.g. charity or sponsorship.

What does it mean if a company announces that it is socially responsible?

The company is transparent.

It communicates in an open way and reveals a lot of information about its operations. Thus it is easy to learn how the management system is defined, what the employee career path is like, and even how much money the company spends on trainings and development.

You can also check what organizations the company cooperates with, what clients it serves, what competences it develops, what audits it is subject to and what their effects are. To get to know the company well, you should read its CSR report.

The company operates in ethical and reliable manner.

Acting in the spirit of social responsibility means to consciously, methodically build an ethical organization. Wherever there may be risks of ambiguous or fraudulent activities, the company introduces processes aimed at mitigating these risks. Thus you may find the written, operating procedures that, for example, prevent mobbing, unfair competition, bribery and the shadow economy.

The company operates in a spirit of partnership.

Partnership is a state of equality of the parties and drive for mutual benefits.

  • An engineer working for a company, delivers his knowledge, skills and creativity. In return, the company, in addition to financial value, provides him with development opportunities, and healthy and friendly working conditions.
  • Universities are a source of competent employees, so the company supports them in their development, practical knowledge and a pragmatic approach to learning.
  • Local community creates friendly conditions for the functioning of the company (through road infrastructure, local governance and social institutions, etc.), and in return, the company provide support to its organizations, natural environment and citizens.

In such an arrangement, there are no donors and recipients – there are cooperating parties and each of them is beneficiary.

The company is not just a place to earn money.

From the point of view of a responsible company, employees are the same partners as, for example, customers or shareholders. The company cares about their professional satisfaction and ethical treatment, as well as their broadly understood well-being. In such a company, the passions of employees are supported and attention is paid to their needs. Hobbies and sports interests are supported, voluntary work is carried out, private time is respected, and the entire employee family is beneficial. Nowodays such employer care is a standard, must-have, and obvious element of the corporate reality. If we add a culture of values, open communication and anti-abuse procedures, as well as activities in the area of ​​HR and EB, in  result we get a friendly, growth-friendly workplace where you can find friends and the work is so much more than just a job.

So why an engineer needs CSR?

Here are the 5 reasons why you should become interested in the company’s CSR policies:

  1. To be able to verify whether it is worthwhile to tie your professional life with the company.
  2. To be sure that the company to which he offers competences, commitment, creativity and time, is just worth it.
  3. To be able to identify with the brand and to feel belonging to the community.
  4. To spend a large part of your day in a friendly atmosphere, with people who respect each other, inspire each other, share the same values ​​and pursue the same goals
  5. Finally, to find a partner with whom one can fulfill professionally and in other fields, with whom one can support non-governmental organizations, develop professionally and have a good impact on the world.
At Solwit, social responsibility is a key element of the organizational culture. Read about our approach to CSR and check out our latest report on our non-financial activities (in Polish language).
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