In 2021
Solwit turns 10!

Those were the years full of energy, ideas, plans, optimism, new experiences and the joy to create.
  • August 4, 2011 – SOLWIT SA is registered in the National Court Register
  • HERE WE GO! We start in the garage of Wojtek Wasiukiewicz – one of the founders of Solwit
  • after a while we are one of the first companies in the “Starter” Entrepreneurship Incubator,
  • we start to outsource the programming and testing teams
  • the first client of Solwit is Learnetic- a producer of global solutions, tools and software for schools, educational institutions and publishing houses
  • we end the year with 20 people on board.
  • we started cooperation with industry experts on the waste market – we have an idea for our own product: ENVIRA – a system for managing waste streams
  • we begin collaboration with a team of scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology on the construction and development of specialized devices for sorting packaging waste,
  • Tricity Java User Group, the Gdańsk edition of Business Week and the Odyssey of Minds – these are the events that may happen with our support
  • as we grow, we play and integrate on a golf course
  • at the end of 2012, Solwit had 40 employees concentrated around 3 large development and testing projects.
  • SORPLA Ltd is established – a joint venture of Solwit and a team of innovators- graduates of Gdansk University of Technology. The new company is to build and commercialize a device for sorting packaging waste using an innovative method of material recognition / acoustic spectrum analysis,
  • we move from Starter to the Baltic Business Center – more offices, conference rooms, laboratories make the space for inspiration and the chance for development,
  • we explore challenges in the energy sector – the SOLDER concept is defined – a complete solution for monitoring and optimizing electricity consumption,
  • the spirit of sport is born – for the first time #Solwitteam took part in a sports event – the “With the course of nature” run,
  • we end the year with 50 employees and 8 large projects on the deck
  • 2015 is a breakthrough year – and the space can see it: on March 22 at work we observe a solar eclipse
  • staying in the sky topic – we reach for the cloud! We are starting a technological cooperation / partnership with Google in the Cloud area – we present our cloud achievements during Google Tech Talk
  • a 2-person HR department is created – this is an important organizational change, enabling faster growth and a systemic approach to HR processes
  • our subsidiaries are launched: Solwit.eko for sale and implementation of our proprietary ENVIRA system and SofiaSoft to commercialize the application for managing teams, working in the field
  • we are the official sponsor of the Polish national team for the GO world championship in China
  • at the end of 2015, we are significantly increasing the number of employees (120) and the number of projects (22).
  • we are celebrating 5th anniversary! And a rocket becomes the symbol of the celebrations. Dynamics, innovation, flying high – these terms perfectly reflect our moods not only in 2016,
  • during the integration event, the teams present self-built space shuttles – some of them even fly …
  • a third daughter company is established – SOLWENA Ltd. From now on, Solwena will be responsible for the commercialization of the IZE (Intelligent Energy Management System) system, which is the most promising SOLDER area (other ideas are waiting for better times),
  • We appear in the ComputerWorld Top 200 report – this is our first benchmarking and an important element in building our strategy for the coming years
  • at Inforshare 2016 we treat guests with mini-burgers, which from then on become our flagship gadget at all future indoor and outdoor events
  • at the end of 2016, we work in 24 projects and create a 180-person, well-coordinated #solwitteam.
  • new partnerships are established within cloud solutions: with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud Services
  • The Solwit Academy is born – a system enabling the sharing of knowledge within the company and improving the competences of Solwit employees with the help of internal trainers
  • our logo shows sensitivity to important matters twice: in October, the month of fighting breast cancer, it gains a pink ribbon, and in November, as part of the Movember campaign, a mustache. Staying healthy is an integral part of Solwith’s culture.
  • strong #solwitteam starts in the Company Five Run
  • we are the winners of the Pomeranian Employer of the Year competition and we get distinguished in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 500 ranking
  • 240 people on board and 35 implemented projects – these are the numbers characterizing Solwit at the end of 2017.
  • the first day of spring is also the first day of work in the new building of Bałtyckie Centrum Biznesu. The seven-year-old Solwit occupies the entire floor of a new office building, specially prepared for our needs.
  • we publish Ground Rules – a package of rules and practices that form the foundations of our culture and a practical guide in our everyday work. We based it on the most important values for us: mutual respect, openness, kindness and teamwork
  • The Computerworld Top 200 report indicates that Solwit is the second largest provider of testing services in Poland. The test area is one of Solwit’s three key competence centers, employing nearly half of all our engineers
  • we organize Cloud Study Jam – a meeting for engineers interested in developing products in the cloud. This meeting became the nucleus of the next cloud meetings, popular in the Tri-City, that is….
  • Pycloud – set of events for Tri-City programmers interested in Python and cloud issues. In 2018, there are 2 editions of Pycloud, each of them – embellished with a huge dose of knowledge from our engineers, enhanced with flagship hamburgers and craft beer – gathers approx. 60-70 people.
  • the charity Pajama Party takes place in Solwit! The dresscode for this day is pajamas, bathrobes and nightgowns. We are bidding on deckchairs, pillows, bathrobes, mascots … We donate the money collected in this way to the Hospice Foundation for the purchase of pajamas for the charges.
  • we are delighted to welcome the children of our employees to our headquarters. Our dynamic development is also evidenced by their number – in 2018 we have over 120 kids! On June 1, children accompany us at work and hold important meetings in our play room, and in Mikołajki – they play in the company’s restaurant.
  • We end 2018 in a strong group of 300 and work in 40 projects.
  • we obtain ISO certification confirming the effective implementation of an information security management system based on the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard. Reliable processes related to data security are a key element of the value of our offer for customers.
  • we are awarded the title of Platinum Partner of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB). ISTQB® Certification is the leading certification system for testing software.
  • we are starting work on a solution for visual quality control – Solwit VQC, based on artificial intelligence. We present the prototype of the solution at …
  • Hannover Messe 2019 – this is Solwit’s first international exhibition activity and an important organizational and logistic undertaking from the point of view of our marketing.
  • breakfasts are becoming a new specialty of Solwit! During joint charity breakfasts, we collect money for those in need. The rules are simple: some bring home-made dishes to the common table, others eat whatever they want, but first they put a voluntary donation into the jar. We have great chefs and generous gourmets in Solwit!
  • We are proud to receive two valuable awards: “Employers of Tomorrow”, for the Solwit Academy of Growth and Gazela Biznesu 2018.
  • mugs, sweatshirts, T-shirts, backpacks, bags, balls – we like all our company gadgets. In 2019, they were joined by … socks with our logo!
  • at the end of 2019, our team consists of 310 people and 42 projects.

This is a historic year for the world, a year that changed the definition of the term ‘crisis’ and taught us that Solwit is more than a place of work.

  • in February 2020, we obtain a certification confirming the effective implementation of the business continuity management system (BCMS), in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22301: 2012. While preparing for the implementation, we analyzed the probability of various disasters and the scenarios of coping with them. We did not foresee, however, that two weeks after obtaining the certificate, the world will be ruled by….
  • SARS-COV2 pandemic: on March 17, 2020, the entire company goes into remote work mode. We operate efficiently and in the next 48 hours we work at full capacity, and our clients do not even notice that at Solwit there has been such a big organizational change,
  • we are committed to helping in the fight against the pandemic. We provide engineering support in the implementation of one of the applications that track the spread of the virus, provide hospitals with masks, helmets, non-contact thermometers and even coffee machines for staff
  • we implement a number of activities that increase commitment, but most of all optimism and motivation of employees – weekly online meetings with the management board, informal online meetings of employees, physical exercises, advice, etc.
  • The Health Continuity Management System concept is announced. HCMS is an organized system for managing the health and safety of employees. Taking care of health enriches our package of cultural values, taking first place in it. As part of HCMS, we implement, among others pro-health education, pro-sport incentives, meetings with specialists in dietetics, orthopedics and psychology.
  • we keep the business on top speed – we provide competence services to an increasing number of new clients, we invest in teams and commercial, HR and IT processes, we create a new solution – an application for monitoring the implementation of planograms at points of sale
  • we decide on the dissolution of the SORPLA company – it turned out that the construction and commercialization of solutions based largely on mechanics is not our domain. We swallow this failure and focus on software solutions.
  • The Financial Times distinguishes Solwit by placing us on the FT100 list, i.e. the ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe
  • throughout the year we maintain employment at a level similar to the previous year – we expect a return to dynamic growth in 2021
  • We are starting the 10th year of operation with experience built on many successes and failures, with great business potential based on the competences of our 350 employees, with a huge opportunity for growth resulting from the satisfaction with our services and the growing needs of our clients, with the awareness of the challenges – opportunities and risks – on the global market, with great motivation to look for synergy in cooperation and consolidation on the IT market, with plans to support the local community, NGOs and people in need.
  • We hope that you will find all this in the symbol of our 10th anniversary.

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