Personal Policy

Our Personal Policy is based on respect for law, ethics and respect for each other. The focus point of our policy is professional, committed staff, developing together with the company. The central element of the HR processes is our Competence Model, forged on the basis of multi-year practices, which supports effective management of knowledge and operations of the organization.

We want to be an attractive and desirable place to work. We strive to ensure that the brightest minds in the industry have joined our team and bind their long-term professional plans with us. We invest in the development of the younger generation through consistent promotion of knowledge and experience sharing culture, as well as through student internships and job placements.

Professional success at Solwit

To maintain sustainable development we need a sense of success. We promote and support success orientation of our employees. We value all successes, small and large, individual, team and as a result of cooperation of the entire organization. By celebrating them, we reinforce their underlying elements.

The professional success at Solwit is related to respecting and performing to our values:

  • Customer orientation
  • Result orientation
  • Risk taking
  • Quality
  • Openness
  • Teamwork
  • Agility and discipline
  • Respect for competition

Compensation and benefits at Solwit

We offer our employees a motivational compensation system, which contains the basic component and a bonus. This system, supported by employee stock options program, along with the rest of the compensation package is a well-established result of our experience in the field of building effective and stable teams in large, global companies operating in the field of high technologies.

Personnel policy activity areas in Solwit:

Knowledge and experience

This is the foundation on which we are building the development of our company. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we are able to meet the expectations of our customers and become their preferred suppliers. We relentlessly support the process of learing from our successes and set-backs. We build and invest in systems supporting the accumulation and management of knowledge. We put the knowledge sharing within the team and with our Clients in the center of our professional culture.


We value people, who use their internal energy to constantly trigger their creative potential, people, who are able to transform their own knowledge and experience into measurable achievements, while meeting both their own ambitions as well as objectives and expectations of the company and our Clients. We strive to strengthen our employees? motivation through the development of attractive working environment, fair compensation as well as through promotion of the work-life balance.


Behaviors of each of our Employees create the organizational culture of the company and inspire the recurrent successes of the organization. We demand the highest level of such behaviors, while providing a substantial amount of freedom as well as building an informal and inspiring atmosphere. It is based on cooperation and mutual trust, loyalty, commitment and respect for your colleagues, partners, and competitors.


Proper communication within the company or team will result in an effective exchange of information and provide synergy of the effects of our work. We apply strong emphasis on developing skills in the area of internal communication. This will ensure that our company?s growth is based on openness, collaboration, multi-angle evaluation and feedback.

Training and development

An important asset of a steadily growing organization is a highly qualified team, constantly raising the level of its knowledge and skills. We invest in the intellectual potential of our employees and we strive to improve their professional competence pursuant to the direction of the development of the company.


The vast majority of our objectives are achieved through collaboration of people and teams with diverse, complementary competences. Cooperation within the teams and the responsibility for the joint results of their actions is one of the most important values of our company. We are promoting and rewarding attitudes and behaviors by which success is achieved, not just the individual but also the one developed through effective cooperation and mutual support.


We place great emphasis on efficient and energetic management style, effective decision-making processes and a high level of interpersonal skills, so that the effects of individual- and team work can be transformed into the final results.


Wise and responsible leadership defines the vision, determines directions of development, sets out the strategic objectives and inspires people and teams, leading them to a long-term, repeated success. We recognize, develop and invest in the leadership skills of our employees while providing them with an adequate professional career paths.