Real-time analysis of pharmaceutical market data


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What did the client need?

The overloaded transaction database was impeding further business development.

The transaction database had reached its limits of stored data. Any analysis of its content required too much time and due to high loads to the system had to be performed at night.

Lack of resources made the analysis of huge amounts of historical data impossible. Therefore making market forecasts and proper business decisions was extremely difficult. With no ability to collect more data the expansion of the business and its client base would come to a halt.

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What we offered

Cloud-based data collection and analysis employing BigQuery and Google Cloud Platform.

After assessing the situation it became obvious that not only did the solution have to allow collecting large amounts of data, but also provide tools for analyzing it and presenting reports in a clean, visual form. Solwit proposed utilizing the power of business cloud solutions – the best choice was to move the data from SQL to BigQuery and create one’s own Datalake.

W ekspresowym tempie udostępniliśmy zespół stworzony z 5 developerów. Wiedzieliśmy, że czas w tym projekcie jest kluczowy dlatego w 2 miesiące stworzyliśmy platformę internetową od A do Z. Cenimy sobie transparentną komunikację i bliską współpracę z klientem, dlatego zaprosiliśmy jego zespół do udziału w codziennych spotkaniach (daily meetings), żeby na bieżąco konsultować potrzeby, postęp prac i zmiany wynikające z ewolucji projektu.

Mariusz Kowalski

Senior Project Manager

What we achieved

A scalable database, real-time data analysis, and clear reports.

BigQuery made it possible to analyze both historical and the current data in real-time – in a matter of seconds, instead of many hours as it had been before. FarmaProm developed a new comprehensive Business Intelligence tool to produce dedicated management reports.

Apart from scalability and powerful computing capabilities, the cloud solution opened a spectrum of new analytical and reporting possibilities.

“FarmaProm has reached out to Solwit for professional expertise and support in implementing big data technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery functionalities. Co-operation between a FarmaProm specialist and dedicated Solwit specialists has been a valuable partnership beneficial for both parties.”

Krzysztof Bronowski, the finance director of FarmaProm Polska Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

How Google Cloud enables real-time data analysis

On April 14, Google officially opened a new region in Poland. We had the opportunity to share with the participants two interesting stories about how the use of the possibilities of Google Cloud accelerated the development of our clients’ businesses.

Michał Zieniewicz, the head of the Cloud & Integration Services Business Unit from Solwit, and Michał Górski, Big Data Developer from FarmaProm, talked about how Google Cloud enables real-time data analysis.

Watch the recording and learn about:

  • what challenges we faced during the project,
  • the structure of the architecture of our solution,
  • what business results our client reached by using BigQuery and Google Cloud.

Watch another conversation, between Michał and Wojciech Sznapka from STS about how Solwit and the Google Cloud helped to accelerate payouts for the sports betting company. Click HERE.

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