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Real-time analysis of pharmaceutical market data

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of transactions in the cloud

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FarmaProm Polska Sp. z o.o. sp. k.


Healthcare & Life Sciences

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Solwit delivered knowledge and experience in building BigData analytical systems. Solwit provided consulting and support on BigQuery and other Google Cloud Platform services to help the client succeed in building their own datalake solution.


The overloaded transaction database is impeding further business development.

The overloaded transaction database held back further business development. Due to the overload, any analysis of its content required too much time and drained too many resources to be performed during a workday – it had to be done at night. Analysis of huge amounts of historical data was even more resource-intensive, making market forecasts impossible and business decisions much harder to make.


Lack of technological expertise did not allow the company to efficiently manage the incoming data. With no ability to collect more data the expansion of the business and its client base would come to a halt. 


Cloud-based data collection and analysis by means of BigQuery and Googe Cloud Platform.

BigQuery made it possible to analyse both historical and the current data in real-time – in a matter of seconds, instead of many hours as it had been before. FarmaProm developed a new comprehensive Business Intelligence tool to produce dedicated management reports.


A scalable database, real-time data analysis, and clear reports.

Apart from scalability and powerful computing capabilities, the cloud solution opened a spectrum of new possibilities to the client. Thanks to cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is currently possible to predict market behaviour, therefore, to assess the risks and chances in the long-term perspective.

About Farmaprom

FarmaProm is the first open and independent internet platform created for the pharmaceutical market. FarmaProm provides modern tools (CRM, SFA and BI systems) for comprehensive management of pharmaceutical companies and professional tools for pharmacies. FarmaProm handles over 60% of the transactions transmitted to Polish pharmaceutical wholesalers.

The solutions used

  • Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery


“FarmaProm has reached out to Solwit for professional expertise and support in implementing big data technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery functionalities. Co-operation between a FarmaProm specialist and dedicated Solwit specialists has been a valuable partnership beneficial for both parties.”


Krzysztof Bronowski, the finance director of FarmaProm Polska Sp. z o.o. sp. k.