Testing process consultation – Solwit

Testing process consultation

We will analyze your test process, indicate areas for change and propose elements for improvement in the long term.

Our consultations will scrutinize:

  • the procedures involved in both manual and automatic execution of tests;
  • effectiveness ofdetecting and verifying defects;
  • correct execution of tests and repporting of their results;
  • creation and modification of test cases allong with the changes in the application itself;
  • correlating business requirements and test cases;
  • testing environment usage efficiency;
  • gathering metrics related to the testing process.

The scope of the analysis is always adjusted to the domain of the given project and the characteristics of the field itself. Every analysis is preceded by outlining a clear set of aims to be achieved in the process adjustment. The aims may have already been set when the co-operation starts, or can be developed during the co-operation, at the stage of researching the project’s testing processes.