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Posted: 2023-09-14

When you have tons of data scattered in various systems in your company, including analog ones, lack the resources to analyze it, or seek methods to enhance your business efficiency, Business Intelligence tools – i.e., systems created to analyze data – may come to the rescue. Read on and learn how to employ Business Intelligence to create clear reports to manage your business and finances effectively.

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What is business analytics all about?

The term Business Intelligence (BI), or business analytics, refers to the tools, processes, and strategies businesses use to collect, process, and present data as well as reach more informed and faster decisions.

BI tools are also cloud services, allowing you to explore and analyze data efficiently so your operations are optimized. Plus, on top of all that, you gain a competitive advantage.

How can you leverage business analytics?

  1. Conducting historical data research (business analytics) and planning strategic actions based on it (predictive maintenance).
  1. Assessing the state of your business using gathered real-time information from sales, for instance.


How can the acquired information be utilized?

Business intelligence solutions come with an array of applications. Here are some examples of how BI tools are applied.


With the aid of artificial intelligence, you can find the answer much faster.

At Solwit, we develop machine learning models that predict customer behavior and the business environment utilizing your data.


You have access to real-time data

Data can be collected from any source. From factory sensors to traffic sources from social media. Analytics are available in real-time.


Your data is processed in the cloud

Cloud computing and BigQuery simplify the analysis of data and make sharing a breeze. An all-encompassing Data Lake reduces the amount of time it takes to collect data, making it easier for everyone to access the same information.


You will integrate multiple data sources

With business analytics, you can create data models and reports with dashboards. At Solwit, we make the process of capturing, analyzing, publishing, and sharing business data hassle-free. All of it is based on Google BigQuery.

Our solutions incorporate various data sources. Using them frees up your time and boosts productivity by allowing you to access information from one system while working on another.


How do you implement Business Intelligence in your company?


1. We will collect data

Several sources, such as digital, analog, or devices, will be aggregated to provide historical, transactional, and analytical data (e.g., the Internet of Things). We will assist you in identifying and implementing new data sources.


2. We will move it to the cloud

In our capacity as an official Google Cloud partner, we can negotiate cloud usage rates. We have certified engineers and architects on board who have delivered heaps of complex projects. We will handle all the architecture, leaving you to reap the brunt of the scalability and low cost of using public cloud computing.


3. We will aggregate and configure the data

Your data will be processed and combined in real-time so you can draw relevant conclusions.


4. You will receive a complete set of information

You get access to an analytics dashboard powered by BigQuery from Google. With Looker, we can visualize current data in an instant and generate reports on the fly. Complete data will help you make decisions in no time.

Business analytics tools are employed in almost every industry, from retail, financial, logistics, industrial, or FMCG. Read the case study: how to analyze pharmaceutical market data in real-time.

Our experience working with cloud providers spans more than 12 years. We have repeatedly helped clients transition to the cloud and aided them in adapting to the new architecture with managed cloud services. If you want to collect and analyze data quickly to make highly effective business decisions, set up a free consultation with us – we’ll answer all your questions and create a Proof of Concept customized specifically to your company’s needs.

How to analyze pharmaceutics market data in the cloud

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