Differences in software testing by developers and testers

Posted: 2020-10-08
Written by: Michał Zaczyński

It’s a good habit of software developers to test their own code. Surprisingly, some product owners consider this to be enough for product launch, and calculate savings which actually turn to be the short end of the stick.


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See why your product should be reviewed by professional testers:

IKONA_DEVI am a DEVELOPERikona_testerI am a TESTER
I usually test the one fragment of the code that I wrote.I check the whole code, and all its elements.
I also test the correlation between the elements.
I perform very meticulous Unit Testing.I perform:
Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Sanity Testing, Stress Testing, Interface Testing, Regression Testing, Beta/Acceptance Testing, Automated Testing, Security Testing, Black Box Testing, Condition Coverage Testing, etc, etc …
I check if the code works when used properly.
I only check if it is correct.
I want to see how the code is not working correctly.
I will make the code fail under many various ways of use.
I see the application works, so I am sure the code is correct.I pay attention to millions small details to verify the code’s weak points.
I know the code as no one else – it is my baby.I don’t know the code. I am objective and keep the helicopter view.
I am an experienced developer. I know how to code well.I am a tester. Trained to test and to see what no one can see. I have tools and methods for that.
I review the code, and make sure it works in accordance with best development practices.I review the whole application in accordance with user requirements and for his best experience.
My job is to develop really good code.You are right! Take your time and focus on software development. I will do the tests.

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Test automation strategy - everything you need to know

Written by: Michał Zaczyński,
Test Automation Domain Expert

Test Automation Domain Expert who has been with Solwit for over ten years. He’s a flesh and blood tester – his experience includes Quality Assurance activities, work with IEEE/ISO standards, and supervision of test projects. In his view, a competent specialist combines practical experience with theoretical understanding, seasoned with a dash of “that something” one must possess.

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