Everything is possible, you just have to want it - an interview with Klaudia Chmara, Delivery Manager

Posted: 2021-10-18

Written by: Justyna Cichocka (Recruitment and employer branding specialist)

Why Solwit?

Even before I decided to change jobs, I had the opportunity to work with Solwit in a joint project that I was running on the other end  Mostly, because of the good memories I had after that collaboration, Solwit became a natural direction to start my search.

When I saw the ad, I felt like it had been posted especially for me  . The combination of liaison with the client, project management and working with a team is the perfect mix for me. Despite my technical background, I never imagined myself working as a programmer or designer, but my curiosity about new technologies and tools have remained.

On top of that, there were recommendations from my colleagues who were already working there at the time and the company’s size – big enough to feel stability and an organization on a good level, but at the same time small enough not to feel as another number in the huge corporation.

What is the key feature that makes Solwit stand out?

The first thing I noticed was the openness to new people and ideas. This openness manifests itself on many fronts, starting with a flexible approach to the needs of the client, through partner one from the Management Board to the employees, and ending with many ideas on how to integrate the entire Solwit team and make our lives and work easier.

For me, this is especially important because in my role as a manager I often introduce new methods or tools that not everyone may be convinced of right away. My biggest fear was joining teams that had been working together for a long time – I was afraid how my ideas would be received. I felt relieved when it turned out that everyone approached both me and them with great professionalism and enthusiasm.

What is the most difficult part of your daily work?

The first thought that springs to my mind: using two computers at the same time, especially in a home environment And in all seriousness, the biggest challenge is to be able to combine three worlds: client satisfaction, project team contentment, and making a profit.

Don’t get me wrong, these three things are not always in conflict with each other! But unfortunately, they require a lot of effort and care to keep that fragile balance intact.

What surprised you in Solwit?

Despite the fact that we have almost 400 people on board, there is still a friendly atmosphere among us. People know each other, the management is open towards employees and everyone is willing to help each other – also in between projects – if needed. I was probably most surprised when I entered the IT room and before I could even introduce myself I heard “Klaudia, right?. These are maybe small things, but it’s nice that a person is still treated as a human being and not another badge number and a problem they bring to the table.

What are you most proud of?

I think it’s the fact that I’m not afraid of challenges and I can draw ideas from every situation going forward. I like challenges, I like to feel that what I do professionally goes beyond my comfort zone and requires me to expand my knowledge base or expertise. The most rewarding is when I hear from clients or people I work with that my efforts had a real impact on the success of the project.

If you could change your position for a week, what would you like to do?

If we are talking about any position in the world, just for a week, I would definitely choose something related to animals – either a zoo keeper or a dog shelter caregiver.

If we’re talking about a more realistic scenario, I’d like to test myself at conducting training sessions. My future career is of course connected with the managerial path, but also with training others in management, communication and related methodologies. Although I am still learning and there is still a lot of work ahead of me, I am very happy that Solwit has an internal training system, where I can learn from my colleagues and maybe one day I will be able to pass on my knowledge and experience. 

Who is Solwit a perfect choice for? What kind of people feel good with us?

People who are open to new projects, challenges and other individuals. Those who want to feel part of a team. In fact, this is the place for everyone who wants to work, develop and is not afraid of planes flying overhead while working at the office 😀

The beginnings in Solwit, what do you remember, perhaps you would like to tell us a story?

At the very first visit to the office, when I signed the contract, my attention was drawn by the pleasant atmosphere I encountered as soon as I passed the door. Dorota and Mariola greeted me with a big smile, sweets in the kitchen and a welcome kit. I was one of the first who received a beautiful Solwit Kubota, so to this day there are people who have envied me) 😀 And as you know, the first impression can stay in your memory for a long time

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