Solwit in United Nations Global Compact network

Posted: 2021-10-05

We are proud to announce that Solwit S.A. has been included in the group of companies supporting the largest global initiative focusing on sustainable business – United Nations Global Compact.

The UN Global Compact network brings together over 14 thousand. the largest companies and 3.5 thousand institutions that, together with governments and scientific institutions, create strategies and actions based on ten universal principles regarding human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, anti-corruption and take action to help achieve social goals that constitute the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Involvement in the UN Global Compact is not only prestige, but above all, it is the commitment to adhere to and promote practices for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Solwit’s philosophy is based on the belief that the rational management resources with respect to the balance of the natural environmental, while satisfying the growing social and economic needs, is the essential element of shaping the present with the future in mind. We believe that one of the most effective methods of achieving this goal will be the increasing use of modern, scalable and secure technologies, which constitute the core of our business.

Solwit SA | UN Global Compact

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