Join us for a live event on LinkedIn! Solwit Level UP #1: AIspiration

Posted: 2023-08-17
Written by: Justyna Cichocka

How to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities to reap actual benefits? What can you accomplish by implementing AI-powered solutions?

If you’re wondering how to boost the growth of your business and want to learn more about artificial intelligence, join the first webinar in the Solwit Level UP series and learn how artificial intelligence can accelerate your company’s growth.

Solwit Level UP is a series of events aimed at IT leaders seeking ways to scale their companies with modern technology. This round will focus on startups, scale-ups, and growing companies that have yet to explore AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning.

In a live meeting on LinkedIn, our experts Michal Mroczkiewicz, Tech Solution Expert, and Zbigniew Usarek, AI/ML Engineer, will:

  • Define artificial intelligence
  • Discuss the differences between AI, ML, and DL.
  • Provide examples of scalable AI solutions implementations.
  • Introduce the topic of dedicated AI services.
  • Present an overview of generative artificial intelligence and large language models,
  • Explore the world of AI tools – Chat GPT and Google Bar.

Attend an online meeting to meet our experts and enjoy a free one-hour consultation where you will get the chance to learn how to implement AI in your business.

Where and when? August 23 (Wednesday), 14:00 CEST, LinkedIn live

Join the event and get inspired by the power of AI solutions – see you there! 


Zbigniew Usarek – a physicist who became fascinated by AI and took it up professionally. He uses his experience daily, creating projects utilizing artificial intelligence capabilities for clients in the pharmaceutical, fuel, transportation, and logistics industries. As a long-time trainer and coach, he knows how to listen well and find solutions that address challenging situations. He is a certified Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer.

Michał Mroczkiewicz – With over a decade’s experience in modern business development, he is focused on innovation and committed to breaking free from outdated modes of thinking. Avid AI enthusiast, passionate about bringing value by joining the dots between clients’ business needs and technology. When not working, he loves spending time with his family, playing with kids, and reading books.

You missed the live event? Watch the video!

Written by: Justyna Cichocka,
Communication Specialist

A Polish language enthusiast, actively engaged in the IT industry for over a decade. She values open communication, maintains a keen eye for linguistic precision, and embraces an innovative approach to writing. At Solwit, she is a valuable Sales, Marketing, & Communication team member, primarily responsible for delivering top-quality content. In her personal life, she takes pride in caring for her beloved canine companion, Null.

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