Product Design Sprint  - A Method To Effectively Implement Your Application

Posted: 2023-08-31

Written by: Justyna Cichocka, Communication Specialist

Are there ways to answer critical business questions faster and ultimately deliver a better digital product? A Product Design Sprint method will enable you to organize your vision and generate an action plan in the least amount of time, resulting in more rapid product, system, or application implementation. In practice, what happens in a Product Design Sprint, and what results do they produce? What makes this method so crucial when developing dedicated software? Learn more here.

What is Product Design Sprint all about?

No matter where your product is in development, the Product Design Sprint method allows you to speed up its implementation.

  • Product Design Sprint can help you design any product.
  • This method helps match the roadmap with a specific project – this way, the client receives the exact system or application as agreed at the beginning of the cooperation (functionalities, appearance, architecture).
  • Workshop meetings bring all project team members together around one idea – a shared understanding of this idea positively impacts product quality.

From a business standpoint, a shorter time to market results in faster ROI.

Your new product in 4 quick sprints



  • interviews with project’s leaders,
  • exploration of the idea and business environment,
  • Customer Journey Map creation,
  • developing criteria for selecting project leaders.



  • workshops,
  • choosing the right path to achieve the goal,
  • assumptions for the prototype,
  • User Testing,
  • designing the process for finding testing users.



  • summary of the workshops,
  • prototype polishing,
  • prototype testing,
  • recruiting prototype testers.



  • presentation of effects,
  • proper preparation of the prototype for testing.

How does the Product Design Sprint workshop work?

Explore sample exercises:

  • Project map

We will work out a simple path to achieve your project goals. You will identify the most significant stakeholders. You will identify key moments that may decide the product’s failure or success. You will manage risk better and define the project implementation process.

  • Crazy eights

Eight minutes and a paper sheet divided into eight parts. Each participant has one minute to draw something on their piece, which quickly generates seven different versions of a given solution. No time is wasted on overthinking and premature discussion. As a result, we get multiple ideas to consider in the workshop’s next stages.

  • Quick presentations

As part of the sprint, each participant prepares a list of products and services they believe need to be discussed at the workshop. During a 3-minute presentation, the ideas are presented in a way that will convince the rest of the group to accept them. This exercise broadens the horizons of the entire PDS group and helps create fresh solutions to the problem.

The Product Design Sprint workshop results are:

  • A detailed report summarizing the workshop’s results.
  • A list of potential problems on the way to product implementation with a solution proposal.
  • A prototype of several user stories for future testing.
  • A project map for MVP creation.
  • A predefined list of tasks with a proposal of proven tools for their implementation.

How have other leaders used the Product Design Sprint?

A company producing pumps and sprayers

Employees came up with an idea for the next type of factory pump used on the production line. First, they wanted to determine the business risk associated with introducing such a product to the market, its profitability, and its time frame. Management used the Product Design Sprint method to assess the project’s chances.

Thanks to the workshop, the engineers working on the project understood its limitations and designed a prototype for testing the product. As a result, specific questions were posed before the project commenced, and relevant answers were gathered beforehand.

American coffee company

After the first round of funding, a company selling coffee in cafes decided to open an online store. The management had succeeded in gathering a solid client base for stationary stores but was unsure how to use their experience in e-commerce.

A product design sprint included all key staff members, beginning with a programmer assigned to create the website as well as the company’s owner and operations director.

The team completed the sprint goals, and the online store proved to be a tremendous success.

Looking for a faster way to market your product? As you work, you don’t want to lose sight of the main goal you had in mind at the start. Do you care if your system or application works exactly as you expected? We have successfully delivered hundreds of IT projects. Product Design Sprints have been effective in many of them. Get in touch with us and set up a free consultation. Let us know about your project, and we’ll make it a success.


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